Energy Consumers Commission - project plan 2021 to 2022: consultation

A consultation on the Energy Consumers Commission's project plan covering proposed spending of Scotland's share of the energy advocacy levy for 2021-2022.

4. Building on Previous Work

In order to advocate on behalf of Scottish energy consumers and address the key challenges and opportunities they face, we incorporate a broad range of views and take a whole system approach, using a wide definition of the energy system - including consumer interactions with networks and challenges outside of the regulated energy markets.

The key themes of focus for the our project work are

  • Energy Debt
  • Best Practice and Customer Service
  • Improving Outcomes for Vulnerable Consumers
  • Engagement with Decarbonisation

In 2020/21 the ECC and CAS work plans were designed to be complimentary in order to best represent value for energy levy spend. This work plan goes further and brings together the levy funded work done by CAS and ECC to reinforce and enhance the work done by both organisations in order to provide the greatest possible benefit for consumers.

Therefore, as well as building on previous energy consumers commission work, this work will also aim to build on CAS Energy Advocacy 2020/2021 work plan,[1] which included commitments to work towards:

  • Ensuring that RIIO2 and network decarbonisation bring better outcomes for consumers, especially those in vulnerable situations
  • Improving Outcomes for Consumers Using 'Restricted Electricity Meters'

In addition, CAS will be funded to provide a support role for the ECC, this support will consist of dedicated staff to provide the following functions under the direction of ECC members:

  • Research, analysis and briefings for ECC members on emerging and ongoing energy consumer issues.
  • Identifying and maximising opportunities to promote the needs of energy consumers in Scotland and advocate on their behalf, in line with ECC priority areas.
  • Day to day management of levy funded projects set out below, including synthesis

All of these functions will align with the Commission's stated priorities described in our work plan. Where necessary, projects below will be procured to ensure maximum value for consumers.

CAS will continue their successful delivery of Big Energy Savings Week/Month, delivered in partnership with their Bureaux network and aligning with UK wide activities.

Consultation Questions

1. Do the Energy Consumers Commission's themes remain relevant in 2021/2022?



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