Ending the need for food banks: consultation on a draft national plan

This consultation seeks views on the Scottish Government's vision and approach to ending the need for food banks as a primary response to food insecurity, and invites further suggestions on what more can be done to shape a national plan. Views are sought by 25 January 2022.

Action underway and what more can be done

12. The below table summarise action underway to prevent and respond to food insecurity, and what more we intend to do using the powers we have to prevent poverty and end the need for food banks as a primary response to food insecurity.

Through the consultation questions below, we are seeking further suggestions on the practical actions the Scottish Government and others can take to end the need for food banks. We will consider these views in developing a final version of this plan which we intend to publish in 2022

Table 1: Overview of action to end the need for food banks

Action underway


  • Fair Work
  • Social Security
  • Cost of living


  • Scottish Welfare Fund and other discretionary supports
  • Money advice
  • Cash-first referral leaflets
  • Dignified food access

What more we plan to do


  • Explore Minimum Income Guarantee and Universal Basic Services
  • Actions linked to our new Tackling Child Poverty Delivery Plan
  • Strengthen the protection of human rights, including the right to food


  • Invest in cash-first partnership work to make food banks the last port of call
  • Pilot the use of shopping vouchers in place of food bank referrals
  • Develop shared values between national food insecurity funders on access to emergency financial assistance and holistic support
  • Work with the Trussell Trust and Independent Food Aid Network to support their food bank transition and exit strategies


Email: foodinsecurityteam@gov.scot

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