Emergency drugs and equipment in primary dental care

This publication is a reviewed and updated publication of the NDAC 1999 publication ‘Emergency Dental Drugs’. It identifies a list of drugs and equipment which should be available to manage medical emergencies within the dental setting.

7 Practice improvement

To provide evidence that a dental practice maintains and improves its capability to manage medical emergencies, the dental team should ensure that:

  • the resuscitation equipment is checked weekly or as per manufacturer’s instructions to ensure that it is ready for use;*
  • the practice has a system in place to regularly check that the emergency drugs have not passed their expiry dates;*
  • a log of staff training is kept;
  • a Significant Event Analysis (SEA) is undertaken after every medical emergency with any learning points shared and an action plan for improvement produced.

* The SDCEP Practice Support Manual includes an Emergency Drugs and Equipment Weekly Log Template.


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