Electronic monitoring in Scotland: consultation on proposals for legislation

Consultation on proposals for legislation to extend the use of electronic monitoring in Scotland in support of broader community justice policy.

Part 4: Extending the use of Electronic Monitoring for the purposes of temporary release from prison

The Working Group agreed that for those prisoners who are on the margins of acceptable risk, introducing the use of electronic monitoring for the purposes of temporary release from prison may provide additional options for prison managers to test those individuals while maintaining public safety. This form of release is different to the system of Home Detention Curfew, where eligible prisoners are released in the 6 months prior to their release date, as it is temporary and can be used at any point in a prisoner's sentence.

For those in custody, electronic monitoring could be utilised on some occasions for work placement, home leave and future female community custody units in order to help prepare for release from prison. This approach has the potential to increase the number of prisoners who progress to less secure conditions and provide them with the confidence to live successfully, supporting rehabilitation and the eventual integration back into the community.

Question 12: Should electronic monitoring be permitted as a condition of temporary release from prison?


Question 12a: Please give reasons for your answer

Question 12b: If you answered yes, when would you consider this appropriate?


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