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Education reform: engagement opportunities

Published: 30 Sep 2021
Last updated: 10 Nov 2021 - see all updates
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Engagement with groups related to the reform of Education Scotland and the Scottish Qualifications Authority.

30 Sep 2021
Education reform: engagement opportunities


Professor Muir has held five live webinars during the months of September and October, one of which was specifically aimed at parents and carers. The webinars were an opportunity to hear firsthand about his reform work, and express views and ideas, beyond or in addition to the written consultation. The webinars were well attended and all the comments made throughout have been captured and collated and passed to Professor Muir as part of his considerations.

Written consultation

An important part of engagement on reform is the national consultation document which was launched on 30 September. The consultation is in four sections and is open to all who are interested in the future of Scottish education. The consultation invites views and ideas on the following:

  1.  Vision
  2.  Curriculum and Assessment
  3.  Roles and Responsibilities
  4.  Replacing the Scottish Qualifications Authority and reforming Education Scotland

Access the consultation.

The closing date for consultation responses is 26 November 2021.

Engagement with the Practitioner and Stakeholder Advisory Group

Individual meetings with PSAG members have taken place since and will shortly conclude. These have been an opportunity to hear firsthand the views and ideas from stakeholders and organisations representing practitioners and others across our education sectors on the implications of reform arising from the OECD report Scotland’s Curriculum for Excellence Into the Future.

The 50+ organisations PSAG members have been divided into seven sub-groups. These sub-groups will meet with Professor Muir and members of the Expert Panel mid-November. PSAG members, at all stages of the process have been encouraged to engage directly with their members/constituents to ensure they are bringing forward views and ideas on behalf of their whole sector on the reform proposals.  There is a further half day meeting of all PSAG members due to take place on Thursday 25 November.

Engagement with SQA and Education Scotland

The engagement programme set out by Professor Ken Muir has involved a wide range of stakeholders and partners who are likely to be impacted to a greater or lesser degree by the replacement of SQA and the reform of Education Scotland.

With the focus on SQA and Education Scotland, Professor Muir has prioritised engagement with both organisations and several meetings have taken place with the senior leadership teams and staff groups. Ongoing meetings are continuing with both organisations. 

Meetings with education governance groups

Professor Muir has been attending meetings of groups that have education governance responsibilities, such as the Curriculum and Assement Board, and other engagement events such as conferences and seminars. These governance groups and events have members attending who represent a wide range of sectors and interests in Scottish education and are another opportunity to hear views and ideas on the reform programme.

All of the above engagements are important in widening the opportunities for practitioners and all interested parties to have their views and ideas brought to the attention of Professor Muir as he prepares his independent report due in January 2022. So too are the series of webinars that were held during September and October.

Consultation with children and young people

Professor Muir is working closely with the Children’s Parliament, Scottish Youth Parliament and Together to make sure children and young people’s voices are heard in the process.  There is an online survey for young people, who are attending secondary school or college. 

Given the sometimes complex nature of the topic there are also online tools available for adults to use when supporting children and young people to respond.  You can find this via the Scottish Youth Parliament - online tools available for adults to use when supporting children and young people to respond or Children’s Parliament webpage.

The closing date for the online survey for children and young people is 19 November 2021.

Further opportunities to share your views and issues 

Professor Muir is keen to hear from anyone or any organisation that feels they have something to offer on the reform programme. This might simply be in the form of a short email or the submission of a paper with views and ideas. These can be sent at any time up until Friday 26th November to, where they will be forward to Professor Muir for his consideration.

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