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Adults with incapacity reform: easy-read version of consultation

Published: 14 Mar 2018
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Equality and rights, Health and social care

This is an easy read version of the consultation on Adults with Incapacity reform. The content of the consultation is presented in a shorter and more readable format.

Adults with incapacity reform: easy-read version of consultation
11. Advanced Directives

11. Advanced Directives

An adult can say what they want their future healthcare to be like in case they lose the ability to make decisions for themselves. This is called an advanced directive. This is a way to make sure that doctors do what the adult wants when they can no longer make decisions for themselves.

Sometimes these wishes are called living wills but in Scotland they are usually called advanced directives.

Although the Adults with Incapacity law does not say anything about advanced directives in particular, they would be part of the information a doctor would look at when deciding what treatment an adult with incapacity should have.

It has been suggested that part of the new Adults with Incapacity law should say clearly how advanced directives should be used.


Should the new Adults with Incapacity law say something clearly about advance directives in Scotland or do you think the law we have at the moment is enough to protect peoples' wishes?


If we do make a law about advanced directives, should it be part of the Adults with Incapacity law, or some other law?

Please give reasons for your answers.