National events strategy review: consultation analysis - easy read

Easy read version of the independent analysis of responses to the public consultation supporting the review of the national events strategy (Scotland The Perfect Stage).

National Events Strategy Consultation Results - Easy Read Version


From March 2023 until the end of June 2023, the Scottish Government asked for people’s views on the National Events Strategy. This is called public consultation.

This included speaking with people and collecting their answers.

Goals of the strategy

Most people supported the goals of the strategy. Most people said it would be good for the Scottish economy and society.

Views on priorities

People were asked their views on the main priorities for the events industry. Most people said that benefits to the economy and local community are important.

Some people said other priorities should be part of a new plan.

The most people said it would bring more money into Scotland.

Some people said that event organisations must be better places to work. They want the plans to benefit people and communities.

Great event experience

People were asked what was important for making a great event experience. Most people said a welcoming and enjoyable feeling.

They said events should be accessible and inclusive. Some people said it was important to have good transport, price, and service.

Views on events in Scotland

People were asked if events in Scotland are accessible, well priced, inclusive, and welcoming.

The most agreed that events in Scotland are inclusive and accessible. Some said that events in Scotland are affordable.

People had different views on how much event organisers involve communities in planning. Some people said that event organisers needed to get better at involving communities.

People said it was difficult to involve communities due to a lack of resources or training. They also said some organisers needed better links with the community.

People also had different views about how well organisers communicate with local people. About half of the people said organisers did communicate well but some said they could do better.

Making events better for local communities

People had different views on how events could be better for local communities. Most people said event organisers should involve more local communities.

People said local communities should be involved from the start.

People also said that events would be better if they supported the local economies and causes.

Variety of events in Scotland

Most people said good variety of events in Scotland is important. They said there should be different types, locations and sizes.

Most people said the biggest problem with events across Scotland were lack of transport and accommodation. Some people also said there were not enough events outside the big cities.

Some people said it was hard to get money to fund events across Scotland. People also said that most funding went to areas near Glasgow and Edinburgh.

People said that local councils play a big part in working with communities. They do not always have the resources to support event organisers.

Working in the events industry

People were asked if they thought working in the events industry was a good job. They were also asked about their experiences of working in the events industry.

Most people said that working in the events industry was a good job. A small number said it was not and some had no opinion.

People who thought it was a good job said it gave you lots of useful skills. They said it was an exciting and fun environment to work in.

People who thought the events industry was not a good job said it had low pay and bad contracts.

People working in the events industry were asked if there was anything they would like to see change. Most of them said they wanted better rules about working hours, pay and conditions.

Opportunities for the event industry

Most people said they did not know enough about getting jobs in the events industry. They said there should be better training and education.

Events and the environment

People were asked for their views on how to make events more environmentally friendly. They said event organisers should do more to stop their events harming the environment.

How events can make more money

People were asked how events can make more money. People suggested things like business partnerships, advertising and public funding.

Measuring the importance of events

People were asked how to measure the importance of events. Most people said they should be asked about their experience. There should also be a way to measure benefits to the economy.

Some people said there should be special teams in VisitScotland or EventScotland to measure the importance of events.

How events can promote Scotland

People were asked how events can promote Scotland around the world. Most people said events can bring Scottish culture to new people and countries.

People said that events can make other countries aware of Scotland and think it is a good place to visit. This would be good for our economy.

Views on priorities for mega events

People were asked what they thought were important priorities for mega events. People said there should be clear benefits for local communities and the economy.

This would include using local suppliers and involving local people. Local people would learn new skills and have opportunities to work or volunteer at the events.

Events that are good for society

People were asked if they agreed or disagreed that events are good for society. Most people agreed.



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