Delivery of psychological therapies and interventions - national specification: consultation - easy read

We want to hear your views on their new outcomes for psychological therapies and interventions. We have asked a series of questions, and your answers to these will help us write the final outcomes.

Types of Psychological Care

Psychological care is given in several ways by a wide range of staff. All these staff will have the knowledge and skills they need to give the care needed.

The psychological care you are offered will be based on your needs. There are two types of Psychological care:

1. Self-care and community resources you can access on your own

Online psychological self-care and community support should be easily available to everyone. These types of care are designed to educate and support you, connect you with others and give you the skills you need to care for yourself.

2. Care given by a properly trained professional

Treatments given by specially trained professionals within health services, education, voluntary organisations or prisons. These professionally trained staff have time to help people with more complex needs.



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