Covid recovery consultation: easy read version

The Scottish Government and Disability Equality Scotland co-produced this Easy Read document to support a virtual Disability Consultation Workshop. The Workshop invited disabled people to share their views on Covid recovery and changes to the law.

What is a consultation?

The law says the Scottish Government must ask people for their views before important changes are made.

This is called a consultation.

The Scottish Government wants to know what you think about Covid recovery and changes to the law.

Covid recovery is the way the Scottish Government deals with inequalities the pandemic has made worse.

Inequality means people do not have the same choices and chances.

A pandemic is an infectious disease that has spread across the world.

The Scottish Government published a plan for Covid recovery in October 2021 to make sure that public services make things better for people who have been affected.

The Scottish Government has powers set out in law.

This means it can change laws or make new ones.

In the pandemic the Scottish and UK Governments made temporary laws to keep the public safe.

Temporary means they will only last for a limited time.

Some of these temporary laws have allowed people to get services in an easier way than before the pandemic.

Some of these temporary laws will end next year.

The Scottish Government wants to take away laws that are not needed.

It wants to keep laws that have been helpful for Scotland.

The Scottish Government thinks:

  • some of these laws should be made permanent.

Permanent means the laws would not have a date when they would end.

They would last until the Scottish Parliament decides they should end or be changed.

  • some of these laws should be extended because they are part of Covid recovery in the justice system.

The justice system is things like the police, courts and prison.

Extended means the laws would be temporary for a longer time.

The Scottish Government is having a consultation to ask people what they think about these laws.

The consultation lasts for 12 weeks.

The Scottish Government will have a consultation event with Disability Equality Scotland to hear what disabled people think and how the laws might affect them.

This document is a short version of laws that the Scottish Government and Disability Organisations think could affect disabled people the most.

It is based on the full consultation paper which is on the Scottish Government website.

There are 4 themes.



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