Early learning and childcare: resources toolkit

Resources for stakeholders to use when communicating with parents and carers about changes in early learning and childcare.

As part of the ongoing commitment to enable parents to make informed choices when it comes to early learning and childcare (ELC), we have created a toolkit of useful resources.

​​​This toolkit brings together a whole host of helpful documents which stakeholders can draw on when communicating with parents and carers about the changes happening across the ELC landscape at the moment. The intention is that the toolkit will be an evolving resource that will be added to as we move towards August 2020. 

Some of the resources available provide advice and guidance which can be issued directly to parents and carers, such as the leaflet “Bringing you more funded early learning and childcare”. In addition, we have provided resources which you may find beneficial when considering how you communicate the expansion in your local area. For example, we have undertaken a large amount of research, both through an external marketing agency and via focus groups with parents. The findings from these activities have been summarised and included in the toolkit and provide useful advice on what type of information parents want, when they want it and where they want to find it.

Covid winter compliance
5 important steps poster
Keeping children dry and warm by the Virtual Nature School.
ELC toolkit: case studies
ELC toolkit: getting information to parents and carers
ELC toolkit: funding information
ELC toolkit: funding follows the child – parent guide
ELC toolkit: data collection information
ELC toolkit: poster
ELC toolkit: poster - A4 editable
ELC toolkit: Enquire factsheet
ELC toolkit: leaflet
ELC toolkit: leaflet - A5 editable
ELC toolkit: leaflet - multi-language
ELC toolkit: leaflet - Mandarin
ELC toolkit: leaflet - Polish
ELC toolkit: leaflet - Romanian
ELC toolkit: leaflet - Urdu
ELC toolkit: leaflet - Arabic
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