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Drugs Research in Scotland, Scoping Review: July 2016

Published: 20 Sep 2016
Population Health Directorate
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Health and social care

Review of research being undertaken, or recently concluded, on drug use/misuse in Scotland.

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Drugs Research in Scotland, Scoping Review: July 2016
Drug Policy

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Drug Policy

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Drug Policy

Drug prohibition in Scotland

Rationales for and opportunities for review
Agenda setting, policy streams and policy entrepreneurs

Qualitative study using semi-structured interviews with policy advisors, politicians & health professionals -thematic analysis of the gathered data

University of the West of Scotland ( UWS), PhD researcher Steve O'Rawe, Supervisor Dr Murray Leith/ Alison Munro/ Betsy Thom

Started 2011

Ongoing, completion due 2016 or 2017

UWS studentship



Drug Policy

Governing risky and at risk subjects: a comparative analysis of the representation and governance of the drug problem in Scotland & Greece

Explore the representation and governance of drug problems in Scotland and Greece, policy makers, public

Comparative policy analysis, visual methods, interviews.

PhD by Publication

Stirling University, PhD researcher Andriana Manta, Lead Supervisor, Dr Tessa Parkes

Starting Oct 2016, full time

Funded studentship by Stirling University


Drug Policy

Review (international) models of drug policy and assess evidence of impact on inequalities

Expand knowledge on this area and assess requirements of specific group

Evidence/ literature review

NHS Public Health Advisor Elinor Dickie

Start 06/16

Ongoing, completion due Dec. 2016

NHS Health Scotland core funding


Drug Policy

Scottish Drug Policy: epistemologies of knowledge in measurements of drug related harm

To investigate the role knowledge of different drugs have on individual & collective measurements of drug-related harm: the role risk & concepts of pleasure have on measurements of harm will be explored in order to broaden the concept of drug-related harm. Including drug consumers will widen the concept of drug expert to include those with experiential knowledge

Interpretive policy analysis - interviews/ participant observation and document analysis.

Auto ethnography and narrative analysis

Focus will be on narratives underpinning Scottish drug policy. Sample will be: Scottish drug policy makers, drug policy experts and drug consumers

Edinburgh University, PhD researcher Anna Ross, supervisor Dr Angus Bancroft

Sept. 2015

Ongoing, completion due Feb 2018

Principal's Career Develop-ment Scholarship at

Edinburgh University

Contact: (Anna Ross)


Email: Michael Crook,