Drafting Matters!: guidance

Guidance on the drafting of primary legislation.

Preface to the second edition by Andy Beattie, Chief Parliamentary Counsel

We will continue to develop and share our guidance material.

Two years have passed since we published the first edition of Drafting Matters!

The reaction we received for the first edition has been fantastic and well beyond our expectations. There is a real enthusiasm for understanding how Scotland’s law is made and a desire to contribute ideas to how we should best do so. It has also been particularly pleasing to see members of law faculties at Scotland’s universities passing it to students to help inform the next generation of Scotland’s lawyers.

For this edition, we have reviewed our guidance to make sure that it is still relevant and representative of what we think constitutes best drafting practice. We have also added a number of new topics to our guidance as we continue to develop the materials available to the parliamentary counsel who shape Scotland’s laws.

We will continue to develop and share our materials and are looking at new ways to inform the debate about legislation and the legislative processes in Scotland. As ever, we welcome comments and suggestions on how we can go about this.

Andy Beattie
Chief Parliamentary Counsel

Parliamentary Counsel Office
Victoria Quay


Email: Jonathan Brown

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