Draft Strategic Police Priorities for Scotland - Consultation Analysis Report

An analysis report for the recent consultation on Strategic Police Priorities.

Other Points

66. A range of other points were made by respondents which, whilst unlikely to influence the content of the Strategic Police Priorities, are relevant to their implementation and the delivery of the broader criminal justice and legal systems.

67. As these points were beyond the remit of both the consultation and the Priorities, this section aims to provide only a brief overview of some of the key issues raised. There is no suggestion that these points are not valid concerns which are relevant to policing in Scotland, and in many cases they will be impacted upon and influenced by the Strategic Police Priorities. However, the kinds of issues raised are ones which could be more appropriately explored through other avenues including, for example, operational policing plans (such as Local Police Plans and the Annual Police Plan) or by other organisations such as local authorities.

68. As highlighted in the Overall Summary, many respondents pointed out that effective delivery of the Strategic Police Priorities requires sufficient resource which is also used in the most efficient manner. Going beyond this, many respondents made reference to specific budgetary decisions around frontline staffing (and variation across the country), the availability and visibility of local police services and other comments around policing infrastructure. Others made comments around the diversity of the police force at present and how it was important for the police to reflect the communities they are seeking to engage with and support.

69. A few comments centred upon specific aspects of operational policing, the law and the need to issue tougher sanctions and actions in relations to particular acts, for example driving whilst under the influence of drugs and other road safety matters. Additional suggestions were provided for the police to have a stronger approach to tackling fraud. Other comments centred on the police's approach to hate crime, violence against women, honour-based violence, and contact with children and young people who have committed offences or have vulnerable backgrounds. Where possible and relevant, these points have informed the wider themes drawn out in this analysis above, although reference to particular matters may not appear directly.


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