Draft Self-directed Support Statutory Guidance on care and support

A public consultation on draft statutory guidance to accompany the Social Care (Self-directed Support) (Scotland) Act 2013

Section 6: Monitoring and Review

77. A change to a supported person's needs or a request for a further assessment should prompt a review. A review is a further consideration of the supported person's needs and outcomes.

78. It is recommended that the professional actively seek reviews with those they support. The approach taken at review should be similar to the approach taken at initial assessment. In other words, the review should be conducted on the basis of personal outcomes, with a view to meeting assessed needs. It should involve a period of reflection on whether the choices made and the support provided is helping to meet the outcomes and needs of the supported person. The review should also consider whether the needs and outcomes have changed in the intervening period. This may require some adjustments to be made to the support plan.

79. Authorities should be prepared to respond to the likely demand for reviews. They should aim to conduct reviews on an annual basis and they should consider review as a means by which to prevent crisis or to respond and adapt to the supported person's life.

Review of the supported person's options under the 2013 Act

80. The 2013 Act imposes some additional responsibilities on the question of how the supported person's support is arranged. In other words, the choices available to the supported person under the 2013 Act. In practice the two types of review - a review of your 2013 Act option and a review of your wider needs and outcomes - will tend to go hand in hand. It is difficult to foresee a review of a supported person's needs failing to incorporate some consideration of the means by which they arrange their support. However, a review of a person's choice under the 2013 Act can take place without a detailed review of needs. The person may decide that they do not wish to continue with the option that they have chosen. Alternatively, they may decide that arranged services are not working out the way that they had thought and would like to reconsider the other options. The professional should view this as part of the on-going nature of assessment, working with the supported person to consider what adjustments they would like to make.

Draft Statutory Guidance on Care and Support

Consultation Questions

Section 6 : Monitoring and Review

Consultation Questions

Consultation Questions


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