Hydrogen action plan: draft

Our draft Hydrogen Action Plan articulates the actions that will be taken over the next five years to support the development of a hydrogen economy to further our efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from Scotland’s energy system while ensuring a just transition.

Annex A – Scottish Government Hydrogen Funding Landscape

A just transition to net zero by 2045 will require substantial investment across sectors. The low-carbon funding landscape stretches across various sectors and is populated by schemes offered by the Scottish Government, UK Government and the public sector.

Within this landscape, there are several key areas of Scottish Government funding where resources may be available to support hydrogen projects and technologies.

Funds Target Group £
Emerging Energy Technologies Fund (Hydrogen/CCUS/NETs) Business/Industry

£180m (2021-26)

£180m breakdown:
£100m hydrogen

Energy Transition Fund Business £62m (2020-25)
Energy Investment Fund Third Sector £60m
Community & Renewable Energy Scheme (CARES) Community/Third Sector £8.25m (2021-22)
Successor to the Low-Carbon Infrastructure Transition Programme (LCITP) Public and Private Sector £400m (2021-26)
Low-Carbon Manufacturing Challenge Fund Business £50m
Scottish Industrial Energy Transition Fund (SIETF) Business/Industry £34m (2021-26)
Green Supply Chain Development Fund Business £50
Green Jobs Fund Enterprise Agencies £100m (2021-26)
Green Business Support Fund Business £50m
Green Growth Accelerator Programme – unlocking £200 million of public and private investment in low-carbon infrastructure projects across Scotland, underpinned by Scottish Government funding. Local Authorities £200m +
Switched-On Fleets Public Sector £12m
Scottish Zero Emission Bus Challenge Fund – support for the cost of zero-emission buses and the associated charging or refuelling infrastructure. Public and Private sector £50m


Email: hydrogeneconomy@gov.scot

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