Heat networks delivery plan - draft: consultation

This draft heat network delivery plan sets out how the provisions of the Heat Networks (Scotland) Act 2021, and related policies, will contribute to increased heat networks across Scotland. It also outlines the proposed regulatory regime for the heat networks sector in Scotland.

Annex A: Summary of Consultation Questions

Part 1: Draft Heat Networks Delivery Plan

Chapter 1: Introduction

1. In your opinion, could any of the proposals set out in this plan unfairly discriminate against any person in Scotland due to a protected characteristic? (Protected characteristics are age, disability, sex, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion or belief.)

2. In your opinion could any of the proposals set out in this plan have an adverse impact on children's rights and wellbeing?

Chapter 2: Ambition & targets

3. In your view, what should be considered in setting the 2035 heat network supply target?

4. Are there particular approaches or measures that could be taken through our proposals in this plan to reduce the depth and rate of fuel poverty? This could for example consider the approach of the heat network licensing authority or measures through our funding programmes?

Chapter 3: Regulatory regime: Heat Networks (Scotland) Act 2021

5. Do you agree or disagree with the order of the three stages identified above for setting up the regulatory regime? Please explain.

6. In your view, what are the key challenges faced when decarbonising existing heat networks (please tackle both improving the efficiency and switching to low and zero emission heat sources)? Please state if your answer relates specifically to one or more heat networks in Scotland.

7. What support is required to help existing networks improve their efficiency and switch to low or zero emission heat generation?

Chapter 4: Guiding development

8. What are your views on the Building Hierarchy proposed and its use to prioritise delivery on the ground and use in developing heat networks policy and regulation? (Please also include if you have any evidence relating to the inclusion of multi-owner/multi-tenancy buildings and historic buildings.)

9. What in your view is the right approach to ensuring there is sufficient demand assurance?

Chapter 6: Capital programmes and delivery mechanisms

10. What role should the Heat Network Pre-Capital Support Unit play in supporting project development?

11. What types of capital support would help to support the development of low and zero carbon heat networks and attract private sector finance? Please explain your views and provide evidence if possible.

Chapter 7: Monitoring and reporting

12. What are your views on the proposal to gather data and wider information about heat networks in Scotland? Please also state if you think there anything missing from the proposed list for data collection.

Part 2: Heat Network Regulatory Policy Options

13. What are your views on other owners (or persons with interest) of non-domestic buildings - beyond Scottish public bodies - being required to produce a building assessment report for their buildings?

14. What are your views on whether there should be prioritisation of building assessment reports based on certain building attributes in order to expedite data on potential anchor loads?

15. How can we ensure proportionality in a licensing system, in particular in the application and determination processes, licence conditions and fees? Please be as specific as possible.

16. Which heat network projects should be exempt from the requirement to hold heat network consent? Please provide evidence alongside your answer.

17. Are there particular types of heat network for which only limited information should be required in the consent application? If so, please set out your views on what types of heat network and why?

18. The Heat Networks (Scotland) Act 2021 makes provision for community engagement and we intend to publish guidance in relation to this. What, in your view, would constitute effective and meaningful community engagement?

19. What key factors should determine the duration of the heat network zone permit?

20. How can the interests of both the customer and the network operator best be balanced in heat network zones with heat network zone permits?

21. What measures, if any, should regulatory or support systems take to encourage inter-seasonal thermal storage to achieve wider societal benefits? Please explain.

22. Do you have views you would like to express relating to parts of this consultation which do not have a specific question? If so, please elaborate.



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