Draft Fuel Poverty Strategy for Scotland 2018

The draft fuel poverty strategy sets out the policy development of the Fuel Poverty (Target, Definition and Strategy)(Scotland) Bill and the draft Fuel Poverty Strategy for Scotland 2018.


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4 the conditions are that—
a) the requisite temperatures are met for the requisite number of hours; and
b) the household’s other reasonable fuel needs within the home are met.

5 The net income of all adults in the household, adjusted by deducting housing costs, including council tax, water and sewerage charges and rent or mortgage payments.

6 Poverty and Inequality in Scotland, 2014-17: http://www.gov.scot/publications/poverty-income-inequality-scotland-2014-17/

7 Standards to be confirmed as part of the Energy Efficient Scotland programme.

8 Standards to be confirmed as part of the Energy Efficient Scotland programme.

9 The data presented, in this draft strategy, for the proposed new definition is our best available estimate based on the 2016 Scottish House Condition Survey ( SHCS). Further development work is underway as described in the Technical Annex.

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