National Planning Framework 4 - draft: consultation analysis

Independent analysis of the responses to our consultation on the draft fourth National Planning Framework (draft NPF4), which ran from 10 November 2021 to 31 March 2022.

Annex C – Glossary of definitions

Question 58 – Do you agree with the definitions set out above? Are there any other terms it would be useful to include in the glossary?

Around 200 respondents made a comment at Question 58. A full list of all suggested changes to existing definitions, along with suggestions for other terms to be added to the Glossary, has been provided to the Scottish Government.

The most-frequently suggested additions were definitions for:

  • Accessible/accessibility/accessible housing.
  • Ancient woodland.
  • Balanced development.
  • Climate change/emergency.
  • Community wealth building.
  • Deliverable land.
  • Fair work.
  • Green economy.
  • Green jobs.
  • Housing land pipeline.
  • Infrastructure.
  • In principle support.
  • Just transition.
  • Low carbon fuels.
  • Nature-based solutions.
  • Nature positive.
  • Net emission technologies.
  • Net economic benefit.
  • Positive effects for biodiversity.
  • Prime agricultural land.
  • Ramsar sites.
  • Remote rural areas.
  • Rural places/areas.
  • Significant.
  • Significant emissions.
  • Significant travel generating use.
  • Significant weight.
  • Small sites.
  • Unacceptable.
  • Vacant and derelict land.
  • Wellbeing economy.

In terms of suggested changes to existing definitions, the most-frequently referenced were:

  • 20-minute neighbourhood.
  • Affordable home/affordable housing.
  • Brownfield.
  • Circular economy.
  • Deliverable land.
  • Enabling development.
  • Green infrastructure.
  • Green space.
  • Housing land requirement.
  • Nature network.



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