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Dounreay Radioactive Waste Substitution Consultation: Response Paper

Published: 16 Mar 2012
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This report is an analysis of the responses to the Dounreay Radioactive Waste Substitution Consultation 2010.

It is proposed that approval be given for the substitution of Prototype Fast Reactor (PFR) and cemented Materials Test Reactor (MTR) raffinat

Question 5: Do you agree that all of the relevant implications of the proposed policy have been identified?


6.1 Most of the respondents answered yes to this question.

6.2 One respondent commented that costs were not dealt with in detail in the consultation and presumed there had been a comparative study to compare the risks associated with the policy, in comparison with non-adoption.

6.3 Some respondents asked for consideration to be given to leaving the waste where it is at Dounreay and have the cost of treatment and storage borne by the originating country.

Government Response

6.4 Government expects there to be economic benefit for the UK taxpayer in Dounreay fulfilling its contracts with overseas customers. While the detail of the contracts is commercially sensitive, Government is clear that having the option of waste substitution affords the opportunity to fulfil contracts in the most effective manner.

6.5 Government policy is that overseas owned radioactive waste should be repatriated as soon as possible and it has concluded that the NDA may employ waste substitution as an option to achieve this. Government will need to be satisfied that Dounreay's overseas customers have suitable facilities to receive and manage the returned radioactive waste in question.