Dispensing Practices Short Life Working Group: terms of reference

Terms of reference for the GP Dispensing Practice Short Life Working Group.


These Terms of Reference set out the purpose of the Dispensing Practices Short Life Working Group ("the group"), its membership and its place in wider health and social care governance arrangements.

Purpose of the group

The group will:

a. consider the implications of the implementation of Phase One of the 2018 GMS Contract on Dispensing Practices including the role of pharmacists and pharmacy technicians. In particular it will consider the implementation of Pharmacotherapy services in Dispensing practices.

b. identify opportunities to develop and support dispensing practices (including 2C practices) in the future

Outwith the scope of the group

The group will have no role renegotiating current dispensing contract arrangements.

The group will have no role renegotiating current dispensing financial arrangements as set out in the Statement of Financial Entitlements 2018/19.

The group will not discuss on-going negotiations between the Scottish Government and Scottish General Practitioners’ Committee towards Phase Two of the Contract unless input on a dispensing issues/service is requested jointly by the SG and SGPC negotiating teams.

As pay stability for Phase One of the 2018 contract has been agreed, Dispensing Payment arrangements will not be within the scope of the group. However the group should review any issues caused by the implementation of the 2018 GMS contract which might affect dispensing practices in Phase One.

The group will have no role to consider or comment on the decisions of the National GMS Oversight Group or Rural SLWG. However it may be asked for advice on aspects of Implementation with a Remote and Rural dispensing context.


The group will be chaired by Fiona Duff, Senior Advisor, Primary Care Division.

Members will include:

Name* Designation Organisation
Fiona Duff Chair Primary Care Division, Scottish Government
Alsion Strath Principal Pharmaceutical Office, Pharmacy Division Scottish Government
Andrew Buist General Practitioner and Chair of SGPC. SGPC
Andy Vickerstaff Dispensing Practice Manager NHS Highland
Chris Nicholson Director of Pharmacy NHS Shetland
Clare Morrison Quality Improvment Advisor NHS Highland
David Prince Head of Primary Care SGPC
Findlay Hickey Lead Pharmacist NHS Highland
Fiona Howe Policy, Primary Care Division Scottish Government
Hal Maxwell General Practitioner Dispensing Doctors Association
Iain Kennedy General Practitioner SGPC
Jill Gillies Portfolio Lead for Primary Care Healthcare Improvement Scotland
Jurgen Tittmar General Practitioner Rural GP Association (RGPAS)
Kirsty Brightwell Associate Medical Director (Primary Care) NHS Western Isles
Kirsty Robinson General Practitioner SGPC
Lesley MacFarlane Portfolio Lead for Primary Care Healthcare Improvement Scotland
Ross Grant Secretariat Scottish Government
TBC General Practitioner RCGP

* Deputies will be permitted

Representatives will cover a range of rural/island Health Boards and Integration Authorities.

Other representatives (such as representatives from NES or PSD) may be invited to join the group as and when required.

Connection to wider system

The group will report as required to Scottish Government/SGPC negotiations.

It will advise the National GMS Oversight Group as required.


The first meeting took the form of a scoping workshop (November 2018) to ensure that the members of the group fully understand current dispensing arrangements and issues, before agreeing priorities for the group.

The Group will meet quarterly, either in Edinburgh or Glasgow with the aim of producing an end year report on their work. At this point the group will reviews its Terms of Reference and consider what further work is necessary.

Video Conferencing facilities should be available at all meetings.


Email: Ross.Grant@gov.scot

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