Discovering meaning, purpose and hope through person centred wellbeing and spiritual care: framework

The framework reflects the considerable developments resulting from the increased professionalism in spiritual care over the last twenty years. It firmly establishes the role of spiritual care as an integral part of health and social care provision.


1 CEL (2008) 49 - Spiritual Care

2 The Healthcare Quality Strategy for NHSScotland

3 Spirituality in Serious Illness and Health - PubMed (

4 Spirituality and mental health | Royal College of Psychiatrists (

5 Realistic Medicine

6 Health and Social Care Standards: My support, my life

7 What matters to you?

8 CEL (2008) 49 - Spiritual Care

9 Evaluation of Community Chaplaincy Listening

10 Designing and Evaluating Values Based Reflective Practice® Training for Healthcare Professionals

11 Community chaplaincy listening (CCL)

12 Chaplains Work in Primary Care

13 Palliative and end of life care: enriching and improving experience

14 Health and social care: national workforce strategy

15 Major Incidents with Mass Casualties

16 Our vision for the Volunteering in NHSScotland Programme 2022 - 2026

17 Scoping reviews of spiritual care in the curriculum for nurses and health and social care staff

18 Enhancing Nurses' and Midwives’ Competence in Providing Spiritual Care through Innovative Education and Compassionate Care

19 Organisational culture - The King's Fund

20 Leadership and Management Programmes

21 What is compassionate leadership? - The King's Fund

22 Spiritual Care Matters

23 The Scottish Social Services Council - Scottish Social Services Council

24 Reflective Practice - HCPC

25 Delivering value based health and care: a vision for Scotland

26 Health and Social Care Standards: My support, my life

27 National health and wellbeing outcomes framework

28 Adult Social Care: independent review

29 Adult Social Care: independent review

30 My Health, My Care, My Home - healthcare framework for adults living in care homes.

31 Health and Social Care Standards: my support, my life

32 Dementia - health and social services staff: framework - Promoting Excellence

33 Recovery and rehabilitation during and after the COVID-19 pandemic

34 Defining Value in "Values Based Healthcare"

35 Anticipatory Care Planning: Frequently Asked Questions

36 Realistic Medicine

37 Health and social care: national workforce strategy

38 Once for Scotland Workforce Policies

39 National Induction Framework

40 Developing a taxonomy of chaplaincy activities and interventions for spiritual care

41 Care Opinion

42 Patient Reported Outcome Measure of Spiritual Care as Delivered by Chaplains

43 Record keeping - HCPC

44 Access to Health Records Act 1990

45 Code of Conduct for Healthcare Support Workers

46 Information Governance Records

47 View of Charting by Chaplains in Healthcare

48 UKBHC - Spiritual Care Competences

49 Chaplaincy and the Soul of Health and Social Care: Fostering Spiritual Wellbeing in Emerging Paradigms of Care


51 Transforming nursing, midwifery and health professions roles

52 Career Framework

53 Key Elements of the Career Framework

54 Career Framework

55 UKBHC - Chaplaincy Bands and Duties

56 Agenda for Change - Job Sharing Protocol

57 UKBHC - Appointing a Chaplain

58 UKBHC - Code of Conduct

59 Continuing professional development (CPD) - HCPC

60 UKBHC - Spiritual Care Competences

61 UKBHC - Standards Audit

62 NHS Scotland Staff Governance

63 Health and Care (Staffing) (Scotland) Act 2019

64 Healthcare Staffing Programme

65 Spiritual Care and Chaplaincy

66 National Performance Framework



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