Disclosure (Scotland) Bill: data protection impact assessment

Data protection impact assessment (DPIA) for the Disclosure (Scotland) Bill explores how the bill impacts on personal data and privacy.

2. Document metadata

2.1 Name of Project: Disclosure (Scotland) Bill

2.2 Author of report: Disclosure Scotland Policy Team

2.3 Date of report: 17 May 2019

2.4 Name of Information Asset Owner (IAO) of relevant business unit: Gerard Hart

2.5 Date for review of DPIA: Date of Bill implementation. The Disclosure (Scotland) Bill DPIA will be updated as the Transformation Programme DPIA is updated.

Review date

Details of update

Completion date

Approval Date

7 January 2019

Initial draft

28 February 2019

15 January 2019

Risk content reviewed to reflect Transformation DPIA review

15 January 2019

7 February 2019

Reviewed following Transformation DPIA review

7 February 2019

2 April 2019

Reviewed following release of updated ICO guidance

5 April 2019

3 April 2019

Reviewed following discussions with SGLD.

8 April 2019



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