Disabled young people: National Transitions to Adulthood Strategy Strategic Working Group minutes - March 2023

Minutes from the meeting of the group on 14 March 2023.

Attendees and apologies

  • Chair: Rachel Bell, Team Leader – Supporting Disabled Children and Young People Unit, Scottish Government
  • note taker: Beth Shackley, Policy Officer, Supporting Disabled Children and Young People Unit, Scottish Government
  • James Fletcher, ARC Scotland 
  • Tracey Francis, Scottish Transitions Forum Parent Carer Network
  • Anne Wilson, Children's Health Scotland 
  • Una Macfadyen, National Managed Clinical Network for Children with Exceptional Healthcare Needs
  • Claire Vekic, Colleges Scotland
  • Scott Read, Divergent Influencers - ARC Scotland 
  • Marianne Scobie, Glasgow Disability Alliance
  • Lee House, Independent Living Fund Scotland 
  • Elizabeth McBride, PAMIS 
  • Gavin Cobb, Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health 
  • Gemma Richardson, Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health 
  • Sarah Lawson, Scottish Government
  • Fergus McMillan, Skills Development Scotland
  • Mark Smith, Social Work Scotland
  • Jo Derrick, Scottish Throughcare and Aftercare Forum (STAF)
  • Marianne Tyler, The Health and Social Care Alliance
  • Fiona Whelan, Universities Scotland 
  • Fran Holligan, COSLA

Items and actions

Welcome and introductions to all partners on the Strategy.

RB shared the meeting agenda, outcomes and details of organisations invited to join the new External Strategic Working Group.

The outcomes of this meeting were:

  • to understand the background to the National Transitions to Adulthood Strategy for disabled young people
  • to introduce all partners involved in developing the strategy
  • to review and agree the draft Terms of Reference (ToR) and proposed high level work plan for the External Strategic Working Group
  • to agree next steps and actions

Details of existing policy that aligns with – or contributes to – improving transitions for disabled young people were shared with members, as were details of the Scottish Government cross-policy working group on transitions. 

Ongoing consideration will be given to ensure the development of this strategy meaningfully links with other relevant policies and strategies. 

Details of 3 young people’s groups who have been invited to consider how they’d wish to contribute to this work were also shared. The adult representatives of these groups previously intimated this wouldn’t be through the regular meetings of this working group.

Members offered suggestions of other relevant organisations for inclusion on the external working group and officials will follow up with those who made suggestions.

Transitions to adulthood strategy - proposed work plan

SL shared a proposed draft work plan and possible timeline for the development of the National Transitions to Adulthood Strategy, which members were asked to consider alongside frequency of meetings for the group.

It was noted that the next meeting will focus on reviewing the existing evidence to agree the context for the strategy, and developing the vision statement. 

Members discussed the importance of allowing sufficient time to conduct meaningful engagement, including with young people, parents and carers. 

Review and update the draft terms of reference (ToR) 

SL shared key sections of the draft ToR, which members were asked to consider in more detailed terms and provide feedback on in advance of the next meeting.  

The group noted additional resources may be required for stakeholder engagement, and suggested additional meetings and/or sub-groups may be required for specific work. 

Members agreed the agenda should be shared as early as possible in advance of each meeting. 

Transitions to adulthood strategy – next steps

RB shared link to the recently published Transitions to adulthood for disabled young people: literature review as an example of evidence that will be discussed at the next meeting to inform the context/rationale for the strategy. 

Members were invited to consider and bring any other evidence they think might support the rationale for the strategy or development of the vision statement to the next meeting. 

Any other business, next meeting date, and close 

RB closed the meeting and confirmed the next meeting date - 24 April 3pm - 4.30pm.


  • secretariat to issue Teams invite for 24 April 2023, and any planned 2023 meeting dates as calendar holds
  • Scottish Government officials to update the draft Terms of Reference, based on discussion from this meeting
  • secretariat to circulate minutes, presentation slides and draft Terms of Reference for members’ review
  • all members are asked to review and provide any further feedback on the draft Terms of Reference and proposed frequency of meetings by Friday 6 April 2023
  • Scottish Government officials to follow up with members who made suggestions for other organisations to include in the working group
  • all members to consider and bring key messaging from existing evidence to support to the development of the strategy context/rationale and vision statement to the next meeting
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