Diet and Nutrition Survey of Infants and Young Children in Scotland, 2011

A report providing detailed information of food consumption and nutrient intakes of infants and young children (4 to 18 months) in Scotland.

Authors' acknowledgements

We would like to thank all individuals who have spared their time to be interviewed, welcomed interviewers into their homes and visited clinics. We are also grateful for the professionalism and commitment of interviewers and nurses who worked on the survey and who are equally as important to the survey's success.

We would like to thank the following key people involved in the design, running and publication of this survey:

  • Members of the teams at MRC Human Nutrition Research: Priti Mistry, Polly Page, David Pell and Snieguole Vingeliene.
  • Members of the teams at NatCen: Sam Clemens, Sarah Pigott, Caireen Roberts, Rosie Sutton and Sarah Tipping.
  • Members of the team at MRC Epidemiology Unit: Dr Rajalakshmi Lakshman.
  • Members of the team at Newcastle University: Dr Ashley Adamson and Jennifer Delve.
  • Members of the Project Board: Dr Jane Barrett, Mark Bush, Dr Alison Tedstone, Frederick Wheeler and Rachel White at the Department of Health and Dr Sheela Reddy, formerly at the Department of Health; Dr Joseph Shavila at the Food Standards Agency and Anne Milne at the Food Standards Agency Scotland; Julie Ramsay and Helen Yewdall at the Scottish Government; and external advisors Dr Sian Robinson, University of Southampton and Dr Anthony Williams, St. George's, University of London.

We would also like to thank everyone who contributed to the survey and the production of this report including:

  • The paediatric research nurses at the Department of Paediatrics, University of Cambridge: Suzanne Smith and Anne-Marie Wardell.
  • The programmers and data managers at HNR: Iain Bayes, Darren Cole, Alison James, Kerry Lambert and Jonathan Last; and at NatCen: Olu Alaka, Claire Deverill, Steve Edwards and Colin Setchfield.
  • The dietary assessment team at HNR: Karen Binks, Heidi Bradshaw, James Burl, Clare Evans, Emily Fitt, Dr Celia Greenberg, Anna Harvey, Michael Jones, Kathryn Lamb, Rachael Mack, Carmina Okuefuna, Elizabeth Read, Dorothy Singer, Elizabeth Stickley, Kirsty Trigg, Sarah West-Sadler, Jenny Winster, Lydia Woolston and Nida Ziauddeen.
  • The telephone team at HNR: Lynda Bailley, Millie Baker, Alistair Gibson, Christopher Greenberg and Adam Messenger.
  • Dr Ann Prentice at HNR for her scientific oversight.
  • Other colleagues at HNR: Yvette Edwards, Sue Fisher, Tsz Ning Mak, Dr Luigi Palla, Dr Gerda Pot, Dr Sumantra Ray, and Dr Ivonne Solis-Trapala.
  • Other colleagues at NatCen: Debbie Collins, Liz Fuller, Reg Gatenby, Dan Philo and the 'Health and Wellbeing team'.
  • The professional staff at: the Department of Health (Rachel Elsom, Verity Kirkpatrick, and Farida Rahman; Rachel Marklew and Lisa Miles formerly at the Department of Health); the Food Standards Agency (Dr Clifton Gay); the Food Standards Agency Scotland (Heather Peace); the Scottish Government (Carrie Graham and Sylvia Shearer) and Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (Christina Kalinina).


Email: Julie Ramsay

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