Diabetes care - Diabetes improvement plan: commitments - 2021 to 2026

Our Diabetes improvement plan refresh reflects the current challenges facing people living with diabetes. It also strengthens the actions set in our original plan to improve the prevention, treatment and care for all people in Scotland affected by diabetes.

Next Steps

Significant progress has been made against the actions set out in the Diabetes Improvement Plan 2014 and this Refresh sets out and confirms our continued ambition to deliver world leading diabetes health and social care which is person-centred, clinically effective and safe. The commitments for 2021 -2026 respond to the evolving landscape of diabetes care as we strive to make further improvements. While it is noted that not everything can be measured, where possible progress against the commitments will be measured and reported to demonstrate where improvement is taking place.

Everyone with a vested interest in diabetes services, across all levels and roles including, of course, those living with diabetes are encouraged to review the progress made to date and work together to support the delivery of further improvements. Concerted efforts to support the commitments outlined in this Refresh will lead to improved outcomes and experiences for people living with diabetes in Scotland.


Email: Clinical_Priorities@gov.scot

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