Developing Performance Indicators for Rural Scotland: A Scoping Study

Scoping project assessing suitability of existing performance indicators to rural Scotland.


2. Defined by the Scottish Government as Austria, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Luxembourg, Portugal, and Sweden.
3. Single Outcome Agreements: guidance, format and indicators for Scottish Local Government (February 2008)
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7. There are numerous definitions of what constitutes "social capital". One well known definition states that "…social capital is about the value of social networks, bonding similar people and bridging between diverse people, with norms of reciprocity…" (Dekker and Uslaner 2001; Uslaner 2001).The commonalities of most definitions of social capital are that they focus on social relations that have productive benefits.
8. Urban Rural Classification 2007-2008, Scottish Government (2008).
9. Evaluation of the Single Regeneration Budget Challenge Fund: An Examination of Baseline Issues, on behalf of the Department of the Environment, Transport and the Regions, 1999
10. National Performance Framework Strategic Objectives
11. Drawn from literature review referenced in Annex Three
12. As identified by the research and referenced in Section 1.5.3
13. Assessed according to the framework illustrated in Figure 3.1
14. 6/8-fold rural urban classification
15. Regularity of data collection
16. Nomenclature of Territorial Units for Statistics ( NUTS) geographic breakdown.
18. The proportion of UKBAP priority habitats showing recovery in extent and/or condition in Scotland
19. Reporting is done on the basis of ' ICES Fishing Areas' and individual stocks may be contained within one or more of these areas. The Scottish North Sea sector is within ICES Fishing Areas IVa and IVb, while the west of Scotland Atlantic sector corresponds to Area VIa and a small part of VIIa (Irish Sea).National survey carried out with the support of local authorities
20. Characterisation of Scotland's open space to a standard typology as set out in Planning Advice Note 65 - Planning and Open Space
21. PR - Predominantly Rural; IR - Intermediate Rural; PU - Predominantly Urban
22. Taken from
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