Deposit return scheme consultation: analysis of responses

Analysis of reponses to the deposit return scheme for Scotland consultation.


The following abbreviations are used in this report.

DRS: Deposit return scheme

EPR: Extended Producer Responsibility – requires that brand owners and manufacturers take environmental responsibility for their products and the associated packaging when they become waste. This can involve activities such as: (i) creating take back programmes, (ii) arranging waste collections, recycling or other suitable disposal, and (iii) designing products for re-use or recyclability. EPR also involves engaging and encouraging the public to take responsible action with regard to an organisation's products.

EQIA: Equalities Impact Assessment

HYGTB: ‘Have You Got The Bottle’ – campaign organisation

MUP: Minimum unit pricing, is a Scottish Government public health initiative which places a minimum price on all alcohol products of 50p per unit of alcohol

PRN: Packaging Recovery Note – a document which certifies that packaging material has been recovered or recycled by an accredited recycling company

RVM: Reverse vending machine – a machine which accepts containers for recycling and returns deposits


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