Deposit return: principles for co-operation

Principles for co-operation on deposit return, as agreed by Ministers from the UK, Welsh and Scottish Governments and representatives of the Northern Ireland Executive at the Deposit Return Scheme Summit on 5 July 2018.

Ministers have agreed that:

  1. Such schemes should seek to change behaviour of consumers, producers and retailers to deliver both a step change in return for recycling of drinks containers and reduce litter.

  2. DRS should form part of a coherent system for improving recycling and reducing use of virgin materials, alongside producer responsibility obligations, kerbside collection and consideration of other appropriate fiscal measures. These measures should work effectively together in a way that is understandable and fair for consumers and industry.

  3. Schemes should be underpinned by legislation in order to maximise their effectiveness.

  4. The system should be clear and understandable for consumers, and provide convenient means of returning containers and reclaiming deposits.

  5. There should be a clear definition of materials to be included within the schemes.

  6. The design of schemes should take into account the need to effectively serve both urban and remote and rural communities, those with disabilities and address other access challenges to make it as fair and equitable as possible.

  7. Schemes should ensure producers and retailers of products take responsibility for the material they put onto the market, while not creating unfair or unreasonable costs of compliance.

  8. Schemes should be underpinned by strong measures to promote compliance and limit the opportunities for fraud.


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