Democracy matters phase 2 consultation - local governance review

This document provides the basis for a second phase of deliberation on the future community decision-making. Have your say on local communities deciding their own future.


In the first phase of Democracy Matters, people told us they value representative democracy but also want to see a more diverse set of people in decision-making roles.

The new community decision-making bodies are half, directly elected and half, selected by different methods. Those who are directly elected include local councillors. The other selection methods used are very deliberately constructed to ensure diversity of age and gender and include voices that are seldom heard in decision-making processes or for whom public services too often fail to meet their needs.

Q3. When thinking about who might be part of new decision-making bodies, what are the best ways to ensure they truly reflect their communities and enhance equality?

Q4. Thinking about your own community, what groups would you like to see represented through other selection methods, and what should these methods be?

Q5. What would the role of local elected representatives be, and what would incentivise other people to take on/be part of decision-making?



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