Democracy Matters - Your Community. Your Ideas. Your Future: consultation

Have your say about local communities deciding their own future.

Section 1: Communities more in control – a good idea to begin with?

Many people will have experienced decision-making processes that affect their lives and the public services they rely upon - whether at a national or local level. How easy is it to get involved and have your say? Some people may feel excluded from these decision-making processes. It is crucial we understand the barriers experienced.

Q1. Tell us about your experiences of getting involved in decision-making processes that affect your local community or community of interest.

Democracy in Scotland works in different ways. People have the opportunity to go to the ballot box at various elections to elect their representatives who are democratically accountable for making decisions in their name. People are also increasingly playing a more active role in ensuring that their voice is heard when decisions are made about the issues they care about most in local communities, and by taking decisions for themselves. This conversation is about identifying new approaches that will ensure these different ways of taking decisions complement each other to best effect.

Q2. Would you like your local community or community of interest to have more control over some decisions? If yes, what sorts of issues would those decisions cover?


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