Deer Management Strategic Board minutes: November 2021

Minutes from the meeting of the group on 1 November 2021.

Attendees and apologies

  • Cate Turton - SG NRD (Chair)
  • Hugh Dignon - SG NRD
  • Robbie Kernahan - NatureScot
  • Donald Fraser - NatureScot
  • Alan Hampson - Scottish Forestry
  • Colin Edwards - Scottish Forestry
  • Brodie Wilson - SG NRD
  • Simon Hodgson - FLS
  • Ian Ferguson - FLS
  • Grant Moir - CNPA
  • Colin MacLean - CNPA
  • Gordon Watson - LLTNPA
  • Sam Turner - SG NRD

Items and actions


To discuss and agree proposals to progress deer management under the Scottish Biodiversity Strategy Project Board.


There was broad support for the approach outlined in the paper presented; on forming a Strategic Deer group for this function; the group reporting to SBS programme; the (refined) priorities; and the four work-streams being developed and encompassing delivery of DWG recommendations.


  • to develop and produce a programme/project narrative – based on clear simple messaging around climate and biodiversity, net zero, public interest (paper)
  • develop project management approach – (based on peatland action) bringing strands of work together. Refine the priorities for this group. Identify key areas of responsibility for the work-streams and linkages between (paper)
  • to include ARE representation within the group (Michael O’Neill invited)
  • early need to review current public resources supporting deer management – identify what is required (private and public) – opportunities through biodiversity £500m (Incentive Workstream action)
  • report on this approach to the SBS programme board and take forward quarterly meetings of new Strategic Deer Group (The SBS programme Board were presented with a paper on this approach at their meeting in early March. Updates will be provided to future SBS Board meetings)
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