December Agricultural Survey Q&A

Frequently asked questions and answers about the December Agricultural Survey.

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December Sheep and Goat Inventory and Agricultural Survey

  • The December Agricultural Survey is sent to a random sample of holdings, across all types of farms to collect information on rents, winter crops, livestock numbers (including sheep), and machinery.

  • The Sheep and Goat Inventory is sent to all registered sheep and goat keepers to collect details on their sheep and goat numbers.

  • Completion of the survey is a mandatory, legislative requirement, under the Agriculture Act 1947.

  • The sheep and Goat inventory is completed every year, in line with European Council Regulation (EC) 21/2004 and is a mandatory, legislative requirement.

  • Failure to complete and return the Inventory also increases a keepers' chance of inspection.

2018 Survey: To Save Time Do It Online

Both the Inventory and the Survey are available online (though you can still fill them in on paper if you wish).

The Scottish Government is required by law to conduct the surveys, so it is mandatory for everyone who receives a survey to complete it. Additionally, if you do not complete the inventory, your chances of inspection will increase.

You will receive either an email with a link to the survey and your password details or a form in the post.

To save time the best way to do this is online. If you receive a form by post, it also gives you the web address and your password details, together with guidance notes.

The surveys are located on the ScotEID website and are quick and easy to access.

Do not use your usual ScotEID login details to complete this survey; you need to go to the specific webpage and use the password we provide. ScotEID cannot issue the emails or the forms.

A specimen copy of the forms and guidance for the Sheep and Goat Inventory and the December Agricultural Survey is available here for your information. Please do not return this specimen copy as we will not be able to process it.

2018 Sheep & Goat Inventory

Sheep and Goat Inventory Specimen Form

Sheep and Goat Inventory Guidance

2018 December Agricultural Survey

The December Agricultural Survey Specimen Form, December Agricultural Survey Guidance, and the December Agricultural Survey Q&A are below.

Finally, if our Agricultural Census staff contact you by telephone, they will always identify themselves. The number will show up on your phone as 0300 244 4000. To confirm who they are speaking to they may ask you for an address or similar information. They will never ask for personal information such as your date of birth or bank account details.

If you are concerned the call is not genuine, hang up and call the number on your survey form, or email

December Agricultural Survey Q&A
December Agricultural Survey 2018 Form: Specimen Copy
December Agricultural Survey: Guidance
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