Health and social care - data strategy: consultation analysis

An independent analysis of the responses to our public consultation to inform the development of Scotland’s first data strategy for health and social care, due for publication in early 2023.


1. Although not all of Scotland's Health Boards responded directly to the consultation, they are all represented in some way by a response; for example NHS Scotland Board Chief Executives and Board Chairs Groups' response represents all the boards.

2. The Data Lab is a part of the University of Edinburgh, and they work with companies to foster technological innovation through collaboration.

3. Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) involves the use of devices and ways to ensure that older people in the home stay safe and can age in place. It includes smart devices, wireless networks, software application, computer, and medical sensors.

4. Contrary to the focus of the question on data from outside the sector, some respondents gave examples of types of data which might typically be thought of as being generated within the health and social care, such as public health data or clinical research data.

5. ALISS is a digital programme that enables people and professional to use and share resources, support, groups and services, and is supported by the Scottish Government.

6. This project was delivered by the ALLIANCE Scotland and the Digital Health & Care Innovation Centre between November 2020 and March 2021, highlighting wellness solutions that are not necessarily medical.

7. A European project to deliver solutions for the prevention and comprehensive management of frailty.

8. SMR01 is the General / Acute and Inpatient Day Case dataset which collects episode level data on hospital inpatient and day case discharges from acute specialities from hospitals in Scotland. HEPMA (Hospital Electronic Prescribing and Medicines Administration) is a single digital solution for prescribing and managing medicines within hospital environments for the North of Scotland region. The Prescribing Information System (PIS) is the definitive data source for all prescribing relating to all medicines and their costs that are prescribed and dispensed in the community in Scotland.

9. Responses are published on the Scottish Government's consultation website:

10. The 'Other' category comprises five private organisations and 10 organisations who classified themselves as Other.



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