Publication - Research and analysis

Culture strategy for Scotland consultation: analysis of responses - full report

Published: 23 Jan 2019

Analysis report setting out the detailed findings of the public consultation on a draft Culture Strategy for Scotland.

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106 page PDF

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Culture strategy for Scotland consultation: analysis of responses - full report
Annex 2: Practice examples provided

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Annex 2: Practice examples provided

Examples of Organisations




Acme Studios


Acme provide affordable homes, studio space, residencies and awards to fine artists.

Adventures in Light


Adventures in Light brings together a 3D artist, a filmmaker and a carpenter to create dynamic projected installations for musical and cultural performances. They use the consortium model which involves groups of companies coming together to pool their resources for buying, selling, marketing, sharing facilities or joint bidding for contracts.

Alchemy Film and Arts

Hawick, Scottish Borders

Alchemy Film and Arts take culture to new audiences through digital mediums and also run a Film and Moving Image Festival.

Art in Hospital


Art in Hospital is an artist-led organisation which supports people affected by dementia to develop their creativity through art workshops. They also use art as a stimulus for communication.

Artist Placement Groups


Artist Placement Groups is an artist-run organisation seeking to refocus art outside the gallery, predominantly through attaching an artist in a business or governmental context for a period of time. Their idea of an open brief is interesting.

Ave a Go Gallery


Ayrshire Operatic Experience


Ayrshire Operatic Experience was set up by David Douglas. He partnered with professional opera singers and a community cast to provide peer learning by delivering programmes, such as The Gaelic Opera and Scots Opera, which saw 63 primary school groups participating and experiencing opera for the first time.

Ballet Lorent


Ballet Lorent is a dance theatre company providing access and participation opportunities.

Barrowland Ballet


Barrowland Ballet is a dance theatre company providing access and participation opportunities.

Beyond Borders


Beyond Borders Scotland is a not-for profit organisation, dedicated to facilitating dialogue and international cultural exchange.



Bijli is a company focused on creating work that encourages diversity across cultures and art forms for Scottish and UK communities, and beyond. It comprises playwright-led companies in the UK and Scotland.

Borders LIVE Touring


Borders LIVE Touring works with volunteer promoters, community-based halls and venues to bring high quality, live, professional performances to Scottish Borders communities.

British Film Institute


British Film Institute promotes and preserves filmmaking and television in the United Kingdom. The BFI Film Hub provides people from all backgrounds across Scotland the best possible access to screen culture. Based at Glasgow Film Theatre, the Hub serves as the national leader for BFI's film audience network, which brings together many film organisations across the UK, providing them with funding to exhibit and cultivate audience engagement with UK independent film including in areas with low cultural engagement. BFI also supports the charity Into Film who work to integrate film into formal education. They provide teacher training and materials to make the most of film as a teaching resource across a vast range of subjects. BFI also works with Creative Scotland to offer young people in Scotland the opportunity to deepen their relationship with film and develop their skills and employment prospects through the BFI Film Academy. This provides young people aged 16 to 19 years of age the chance to create their own film.

Casco Art Institute


Casco Art Institute is a non-profit public art institution.

Centre For Contemporary Arts (CCA)


Centre For Contemporary Arts is an example of an organisation using open source programming and resourcing.


Argyll and the Isles

CHArts is a cross-sector partnership which aims to promote cultural activity in Argyll and the Isles. They use digital networking as a communications tool for collaboration between disciplines.

Children's Parliament


Children's Parliament is Scotland's Centre of Excellence for Children's Participation and Engagement.

Community Co-operatives


Community Co-operatives offer a model of providing services to communities or developing community assets. Model allows investment to be raised from individuals who, as owners, are involved in decision-making.

Cooper Gallery


Cooper Gallery at the University of Dundee provides a unique space for exhibitions and events and offers a curated programme of four major shows a year, comprising contemporary artists invited from UK and abroad. This is an example of an institution which actively engages with social issues through their exhibitions and event programming.

Creative Arts Business Network

Scottish Borders

Creative Arts Business Network deliver projects that develop skills and leave a skills legacy. Recognised for its dedicated support for the creative arts sector in the Scottish Borders.

Crescent Arts Centre


Crescent Arts Centre is an arts venue which stages dance, music, theatre with classes and workshops.

Crossing Borders

Scottish Borders

Crossing Borders brings artists and craft makers from the Scottish Borders together to promote creative talent in the area. They represent painters and printmakers, ceramic and glass artists, sculptors, photographers and woodworkers, artists working creatively in textiles, jewellery, metal and leather work. The website highlights examples of members work and also features the galleries and associates who lend their support.

Cultural Foundations – Social Service of Commerce and Social Service of Industry


Cultural Foundations – Social Service of Commerce and Social Service of Industry – are long-standing organisations funded by 1.5% payroll tax on workers in industry and commerce to promote social welfare, community development, quality of life and cultural development. Interventions include connecting grassroots cultural movements to wider national and international artists and practice.

Deveron Arts

Huntly, Scotland

Deveron Arts is an example of an organisation which highlights how cultural work can be presented within smaller communities and which is driven by a sense of community-building.

DG Unlimited

Dumfries and Galloway

DG Unlimited is the umbrella organisation that represents Dumfries and Galloway's creative sector. It is an example of an organisation which places dialogue with the region's cultural sector at the heart of its approach to arts development and plays a leadership role in championing and advocating the region's cultural sector.

Digital Preservation Coalition


Digital Preservation Coalition aims to ensure that the UK's digital memory is maintained. It is funded by annual subscriptions from members. It has also taken part in several EU projects in the past.

Drake Music


Drake Music develops opportunities for a wide cross-section of disabled people at all levels of music making, allowing access and celebrating ability.

Dumfries House


Dumfries House is a historic house of outstanding architectural and historical interest complete with Chippendale furniture collection and the work of eminent cabinetmakers. This includes a 2000-acre estate which is open 365 days a year with free entry and parking. The Prince's Foundation is undertaking a major restoration project which is now focused on the estate and the community. It is a driver of wider heritage-led regeneration in the area and is the hub for a range of educational /training programmes.

Dundee Heritage Trust


Dundee Heritage Trust has run a number of cross-generational memory exchange projects in collaboration with professional facilitators using images and handling collections as the basis of sharing memories of Dundee.

Dundee Rep Theatre Engage


Dundee Rep Theatre Engage provide a range of cultural events which are welcoming and accessible.

Eastgate Theatre


Eastgate Theatre offers a wide variety of festivals, community engagement and education activities.

Edinburgh's Netherbow


Edinburgh's Netherbow uses the consortium model which involves groups of companies coming together to pool their resources for buying, selling, marketing, sharing facilities or joint bidding for contracts.


Highlands & Islands

Emergents was a craft, fashion, textile and literature support organisation in the Highlands & Islands until recently.

Fire Exit

UK and Scotland

Fire Exit comprises playwright-led companies in the UK and Scotland.

Fun Palaces


Fun Palaces champion diverse everyday culture in communities. They are part of a UK-wide campaign for cultural democracy which is lead by Voluntary Arts Scotland in Scotland. They are working to empower communities to make culture, using a combination of arts, craft, science, technology, digital, heritage and sports activities available to all ages in a bid to inspire community-led transformation.

Glasgow Connected Arts Network


Glasgow Connected Arts Network offers support and networking services for creative artists.

Gallery of Modern Art


Gallery of Modern Art actively engages with social issues through exhibitions and events.



Indepen-dance is an inclusive dance ensemble, with a fast-growing reputation for innovative and high quality touring productions.

Inform Theatre


Inform Theatre is a youth theatre for people with learning disabilities linked to education and training. It is an off-shoot of the Illuminate Ensemble at the Dundee Rep.

Institute of Conservation (Icon)


Institute of Conservation provide support, advocacy, excellence and engagement. Current work strands include supporting skills development, education and training, promoting sustainable career paths into conservation, developing standards for apprenticeships and extending opportunities for engagement at entry level, carrying out research on the conservation workforce to support capacity-building, working in partnership with the Restoration Trust to develop a project that engages people with mental health issues in the practice of conservation. The Institute of Conservation's Scotland Group represents conservators, heritage scientists and preservation specialists working in Scotland. Icon Scotland Group already supports the delivery of Our Place in Time.

Inventory for Living Culture or Intangible Cultural Heritage


Inventory for Living Culture or Intangible Cultural Heritage take an inclusive approach which involves migrant communities. Scotland's approach is regarded as best practice by other nations.

Kettle of fish

Kettle of fish uses the consortium model which involves groups of companies coming together to pool their resources for buying, selling, marketing, sharing facilities or joint bidding for contracts.



Livity is a youth marketing agency working in culture and with business. Young people from Brixton work on advertising campaigns for brands such as Google and Barclays, develop skills and confidence and become more employable.

Local Voices


Local Voices seeks to help communities across Scotland identify, collect and engage with their local heritage. They aim to celebrate the traditions and diversity of local communities in the global age, taking in language, song, story, music and memory.



Luminate, Scotland's creative ageing organisation, celebrates creativity at all ages and enhances the cultural contribution and engagement of Scotland's older people across Scotland.

LUX Scotland


LUX Scotland aims to create a collection of Scottish moving image, sourcing that work from Alchemy Film Moving Image Festival, Modern Edinburgh Film School, Glasgow Film Festival and The Margaret Tait Award.

Maggie's Centres


Maggie's Centres offer a programme of support which includes creative writing, expressive art and gardening therapy.

Marie Curie Hospices

Glasgow and Edinburgh

Marie Curie Hospices Day Therapies Units offer a range of activities including art and music. Staff work with patients using activities to promote quality of life such as music sessions, photography, textiles and movie sessions. They have a grand piano for use by patients and staff. They also involve local schools in creative and cultural activities, including an art competition to rename wards, creating decorations for the hospice and in storytelling and memory work. The Marie Curie Nursing Service is also delivered in people's homes.

McDougalls Theatre Company


McDougalls Theatre Company is a touring theatre company which produces engaging theatre for children and families using magic and music.

McManus Galleries


McManus Galleries house a museum and art gallery which offer a collection of fine and decorative art as well as a natural history collection. They provide a range of cultural activities which are welcoming and accessible.

Mount Stuart Trust

Isle of Bute

Mount Stuart Trust offers the public the opportunity to enjoy Mount Stuart house and its gardens and surrounding grounds and to benefit from its collections and archives.

Music Co-OPERAtive Scotland


Music Co-OPERAtive Scotland uses the consortium model which involves groups of companies coming together to pool their resources for buying, selling, marketing, sharing facilities or joint bidding for contracts.

Music in Health and Care


Music in Health and Care brings live music to thousands of people in care settings across the UK.



Mustarinda Association aims to preserve the diversity of nature and culture by bringing together artists, scientists, and people from various public and private organizations for discussions, seminars, exhibitions, residencies, and happenings. Their goal is to create an environment for new ways of thinking and cooperating. They offer residency rooms for artists, writers and researchers.

National Galleries of Scotland


National Galleries of Scotland offers various projects/programmes including the Gallery Social (dementia programme), community sessions (family programme) and outreach programmes (past and present including prison project 'Mirrors').

National Museums of Scotland


National Museums of Scotland runs Maths Week Scotland, a 3-year national programme of maths engagement activity funded by the Scottish Government's Directorate for Learning, which shows cross-departmental funding in action.

National Trust for Scotland


National Trust for Scotland uses outdoor learning to increase understanding, appreciation and sustainable management of Scotland's heritage in partnership with the Scottish Government and Scottish Natural Heritage.



Nesta is an innovation foundation which acts through a combination of practical programmes, investment, policy and research, and the formation of partnerships to promote innovation across a broad range of sectors.

North Edinburgh Arts


North Edinburgh Arts offers local residents a place to relax, explore, learn, meet, share, volunteer and enjoy.

Northlight Arts


Northlight Arts is an artist-led organisation delivering innovative public arts projects and educational initiatives locally.

Northlight Heritage


Northlight Heritage is an independent charity which investigates the past for the benefit of present communities and future generations.



P4P supports the third sector to access public procurement and other contracting opportunities. They provide tailored one-to-one support including identifying potential procurement opportunities, developing a 'bid library', training and support and advice on areas such as tender writing, European Single Procurement documents, reviewing submissions and gathering feedback.



PAMIS provides support for people with profound and multiple learning disabilities, including supporting individuals and groups to participate in cultural activities.

Peoples Parish


Peoples Parish is an initiative of the Traditional Arts and Culture Scotland which seeks to inspire and support creative neighbourhood projects in each of Scotland's 871 civil parishes, connecting local stories, traditions and cultural memory with the distinct local voices, culture and creativity of these places today.

Pink Lane Jazz Co-op


Pink Lane Jazz Co-op is a cultural venue which issues community shares.

Plantation Productions


Plantation Productions is an arts and media charity which seeks to improve wellbeing for people through creative participation.



Platform is an arts centre in Easterhouse which offers a year-round programme of cutting-edge theatre, exhibitions, workshops, gigs and participation opportunities. The work of this organisation shows how cultural work can be presented within smaller communities driven by a sense of community-building.

Playlist For Life


Playlist For Life is a UK music and dementia charity which uses the music of a person's life to keep them connected to themselves and their loved ones throughout their dementia journey.

Project Ability


Project Ability provide workshops and artist development activities.

Renfrewshire Leisure Heritage Services


Renfrewshire Leisure Heritage Services supports a Creative Therapies Worker who works with young vulnerable people using museum collections to break down barriers and build relationships. Also runs twice-monthly Reminiscence Session making use of the extensive photographic and document archive managed by Renfrewshire Leisure.

Rig Arts


Rig Arts is a socially engaged arts and film charity.

River Culture

Rockfield Centre

The Rockfield Centre delivers projects which include youth, volunteers and the community.

Romano Lav


Romano Lav promotes equality for the Roma people in Scotland.

Scottish Artists Union


Scottish Artists Union is currently using funding from the Scottish Government, through the Scottish Trade Unions Congress Learning programme, to create a learning programme which addresses needs of artists and makers.

Scone Palace


Scone Palace is used as a music venue.

Scottish Dance Theatre


Scottish Dance Theatre is a contemporary dance company based at Dundee Repertory Theatre in Dundee, Scotland

Scottish Opera


Scottish Opera run Dementia Friendly opera productions in the form of participatory creative group workshops for people living with dementia, intergenerational programmes involving nursery and primary aged children and residents of care homes.

Scottish Society for the History of Photography


Scottish Society for the History of Photography offers the international journal, Studies in Photography, to the public. It also supports the Higher Photography program and is seeking to create a digital platform to offer as a resource to schools.

Screen Argyll


Screen Argyll delivers projects which include youth, volunteers and the community.

Screen Facilities Scotland


Screen Facilities Scotland is a trade body, cooperative consortium, and member organisation affiliated to the UK Screen Association representing facilities and services companies working in the screen and media industries in Scotland. This organisation uses the consortium model which involves groups of companies coming together to pool their resources for buying, selling, marketing, sharing facilities or joint bidding for contracts.

Shetland Amenity Trust


Shetland Amenity Trust seeks to preserve and protect the architectural heritage of Shetland and it owns and operates many historical buildings and runs interesting projects.

Shetland Arts


Shetland Arts is empowering Shetland people to value their culture. It offers access to courses for a small number of participants using new tools for delivery.

Shetland Arts Development Agency


Shetland Arts Development Agency seeks to encourage and assist in promoting and advancing the creation, practice and presentation and study of all forms of art – visual, performing and creative – and is delivering exciting projects.

Shetland Forwirds


Shetland Forwirds promotes and celebrates the Shetland dialect. This unique dialect, with both Nordic and Scottish roots, is a valued and essential element of Shetland's distinctive heritage and culture. They offer good quality resources and provision and support for volunteering.

Shetland Museum and Archive


Shetland Museum and Archive provides Shetland's rich heritage and culture and a conservation service which preserves this rich history.

Solar Bear


Solar Bear is a theatre company which offers access and engages widely with other organisations.



Starcatchers is a national arts and early years organisation promoting cultural empowerment and changing lives.

Stove Network

Dumfries and Galloway

Stove Network is a regional alliance of rural communities which operate as a 'Chamber of the Arts' offering artists and creators a say. They manage access for funding based on local communities' priorities for cultural support and advancement and also as a catalyst in town centre regeneration.

Taigh Chearsabhagh

Isle of North Uist Outer Hebrides

Taigh Chearsabhagh is a museum and arts centre for visitors and the local community.

Tamarack Institute


Tamarack Institute provides research and ideas on community and cultural change.

Tarbert Castle


Tarbert Castle delivers projects which include youth, volunteers and the community.

The Work Room


The Work Room is an artist-led organisation supporting the freelance cultural workforce.


Helmsdale, Sutherland

Timespan is a cultural institution offering a wide variety of activities including access to archives.

Traditional Arts and Culture Scotland


Traditional Arts and Culture Scotland connects creative arts and community heritage, locally, nationally and internationally.

Tramway visual arts


Tramway visual arts offers programming expertise especially in international partnerships such as with China over a sustained period of time.

Transport Museum


Transport Museum makes connections with the community and schools, gives volunteers hands-on experience to restore vehicles as well as producing street art and murals around the city.

Travelling Gallery

Travelling Gallery brings contemporary art to communities throughout Scotland. Its dual focus is to create highly engaging exhibitions and to provide a unique platform for arts education. This is a great example of making art inclusive and accessible for all.

University of Highlands and Islands

Highlands & Islands

University of Highlands and Islands provides access to courses for small numbers through innovative delivery.

UK Research and Innovation group (formerly Research Council UK)


UK Research and Innovation is a new body which works in partnership with universities, research organisations, businesses, charities, and government to create the best possible environment for research and innovation to flourish. They aim to maximise the contribution of each of their component parts, working individually and collectively. They work with their many partners to benefit everyone through knowledge, talent and ideas. This is a good example of a model with co-funded effort within specific topic areas.

Unlimited Theatre


Unlimited Theatre comprises playwright-led companies in the UK.

Village Pub Theatre


Village Pub Theatre brings theatre to pubs.



W.A.G.E aim " establish sustainable economic relationships between artists and the institutions that contract our labour, and to introduce mechanisms for self-regulation into the art field that collectively bring about a more equitable distribution of its economy. "



WASPS is a financially self-sufficient cultural organisation, charity and social enterprise, that provides initiatives and mentors other cultural organisations.

Willows Centre



Witsherface is a female-led comedy production company which works with women in working class communities through playwriting and comedy.

Workers Theatre


Workers Theatre is a new project which aims to create a co-operatively owned and managed theatre in Scotland.

World Federation of Deaf Culture


World Federation of Deaf Culture champions deaf people's rights including the right to access to sign language from the earliest possible age.

Youth Theatre Arts Scotland


Youth Theatre Arts Scotland is a national support and development organisation for Scotland's youth theatre sector.

Examples of Culture Projects




Belfast Music Trail


Belfast Music Trail provide access to culture, important cultural spaces and regular work for musicians, particularly traditional musicians who work in rural areas.

Block Partys


Block Partys is a project that develops lasting skills.

Borders Heritage Festival

Scottish Borders

Borders Heritage Festival is a project that develops lasting skills.

Borders Youth Music

Scottish Borders

Borders Youth Music is a project that develops lasting skills.

Cashback for Creativity

Cashback for Creativity is a project that develops lasting skills.

Celtic Connections

Celtic Connections is a project that develops lasting skills.

Citizens' Theatre's community company and Learn Department


Citizens' Theatre's community company and Learn Department is a key part of the principal producing theatre in the west of Scotland which offers access to a wide range of people including people with learning disabilities, deaf people and young people to participate in the arts.

Crawick Multiverse

Dumfries & Galloway

Crawick Multiverse is a major land restoration and art project using landscape art to transform an open cast coal mine into an accessible space for collaborations between arts, culture, heritage and science. It delivers community empowerment and engagement and ideas exchange at a national and international level.

CREATE Renfrewshire


CREATE Renfrewshire involves young people in various creative arts.

Creative Learning Network


Creative Learning Network encourages collaborative working across the education, culture and communities sectors and brings together those with an interest in children and young people's creative learning at the local authority level, working with Creative Scotland and Education Scotland. The network seeks to build young people's confidence, achievements and skills for future life and work.

Cultural Impact Study


Cultural Impact Study by Aberdeen City Council used EKOSGEN who developed a toolkit which can be used by funded organisations to record data as part of their evaluation process. This information allows the Council and partners to better understand the cultural value of the work being undertaken in the city, enabling more constructive conversations and aiding future planning.

Culture Themed Towns

Wigtown & Kirkcudbright

Culture Themed Towns offer a platform for community and businesses to come together for the benefit of local residents and to appeal to tourists and visitors with an interest in creativity.

Cultured Mongrel (Emma Jane Park)

Dumfries & Galloway

Cultured Mongrel (Emma Jane Park) is a freelance artist with experience in dance, theatre, links with mental health and bringing performance into people's homes.

CUPIDO project

North Sea Region

CUPIDO project aims to develop new business opportunities in the cultural and cultural heritage sector around the North Sea, to reinforce the economic position, competitiveness and social cohesion of local rural communities in areas with a declining population.

Dance Base


Dance Base offers projects that develop lasting skills. They pioneered Dance for Parkinson's programmes.

Dare to Dream


Dare to Dream involves four young women with profound and multiple learning disabilities educated the wider public and highlighted the need for lifelong learning opportunities. They told their story through theatre and dance and highlighted the barriers to their dreams.

Deveron Projects – Huntly Cultural Health Worker


Deveron's project – Huntly Cultural Health Worker – is an example of a project that develops lasting skills.

Deveron Projects & Aberdeenshire Council – Syrian Resettlement Team


Deveron's projects with Aberdeenshire Council – Syrian Resettlement Team – is an example of a project that develops lasting skills.

Dogstar Theatre Company

Scotland & Internationally

Dogstar Theatre Company is a touring theatre company presenting new plays across a wide range of communities in Scotland and internationally. This provides opportunities for Scottish-based writers and artists.

Dunoon Burgh Halls Trust


Dunoon Burgh Halls Trust is a community arts project focused on raising local ambitions and aspirations. It includes a gallery, a theatre, a café and a community space. It supports local artists and provides creative expertise and opportunities.

Developing the Young Workforce – Employability


Developing the Young Workforce – Employability is a network of 21 industry-led Regional Groups which have been established across Scotland to ensure that all of Scotland's young people are fully and fairly supported into employment by bridging the gap between education and employers. The groups aim to encourage and support employers to engage directly with schools and colleges and challenge and support employers to recruit more young people into their workforce.

Edinburgh International Festival Schools Partnership Project


Edinburgh International Festival Schools Partnership Project is a three-year schools partnership model piloted at Castlebrae Community High School.

Falkirk FC – A Fan's View exhibition

Callendar House

Falkirk FC – A Fan's View exhibition at Callendar House in 2018 is an example of good practice in museum and public engagement practice supporting a local interest group and widening the audience base.

Five Minute Theatre

National Theatre of Scotland

Five Minute Theatre offers five minute pieces of theatre from anyone anywhere in the world.

Forth Valley Social Enterprise – Stirling Highland Games Project


Forth Valley Social Enterprise – Stirling Highland Games Project is a vibrant cultural social enterprise which offers volunteering and employability opportunities.

Get It Loud In Libraries


Get It Loud In Libraries widens the cultural activities offered in libraries by introducing digital story-telling, live music performances and skills development programme for young people aged 14-25 years in all participating areas.

Glasgow Women's Library


Glasgow Women's Library supports and represents others in their cultural output.

Green Tease


Green Tease is an informal events programme connecting cultural practices and environmental sustainability across Scotland.

Growing Old Competitively exhibition


Growing Old Competitively exhibition by photographer Alex Rotas at Callendar House challenges stereotypes about ageing by showing photographs of older people in sport ranging from elite athletes to members of the community simply keeping fit and active.

Hands up for Trad


Hands up for Trad is the home of Scottish traditional music. This project develops skills and leaves a lasting legacy.

Hawick film and video club


Hawick film and video club develops lasting skills.

Healthy Minds


Healthy Minds is a joint project between Aberdeen City Council and National Health Service Grampian for people recovering from a mental health condition which offers sport, creative writing, art, craft and music.

Hebrides Ensemble


Hebrides Ensemble stream live concerts from Perth Concert Hall to remote communities in Gairloch and South Uist.

Helix Park/The Kelpies


Helix Park/The Kelpies is an example of where the council made the space available and people in their tens of thousands use that space.

Historic Environment Scotland's British Sign Language Days at Edinburgh Castle


Historic Environment Scotland's British Sign Language Days at Edinburgh Castle involve a historian who is a deaf British Sign Language User who was commissioned to develop tours in British Sign Language drawing on information relevant to the deaf community, with deaf cultural material incorporated, social space provided and communication support / interpreters on hand. Each British Sign Language Day has been popular, with attendees reporting an unprecedented level of engagement with the heritage sector and pride at seeing deaf culture and British Sign Language recognised as a part of Scotland's cultural heritage.

Imaginate and National Museums of Scotland Edinburgh Children's Festival


Imaginate and National Museums of Scotland Edinburgh Children's Festival provided seed funding for the creation of work.

Impact Arts Craft Café


Impact Arts Craft Café offers a café for care home residents and summer residency programme at the National Museum Scotland for 16-19 year olds based on creative workshops.

Inclusive Learning Journey


Inclusive Learning Journey is a project designed by the University of Dundee's students, using multi-sensory stories developed by children in mainstream schools. This project raises awareness in schools and communities as well as providing a resource suitable for engaging people with profound and multiple learning disabilities when they visit venues in their local community.

Information and Culture Team


Information and Culture Team is a partnership where Primary 6 students from St Peter's Primary School in Saltcoats performed their own Gaelic tales and legends in story and songs in the refurbished Saltcoats Town Hall.

Inspiration Point

Inspiration Point is a web-based site of resources for young people wishing to develop their creative practice.

Jigsaw of Homelessness Support


Jigsaw of Homelessness Support is a project which adopts a 'whole-society' approach to tackling homelessness including the arts.

Jupiter Artland

West Lothian

Jupiter Artland is a contemporary sculpture park and art gallery which provides free access learning programmes for schools and community groups as well as classes and events which require payment.

Limestreet Complex


Limestreet Complex is a project in which students from college teach elderly people art skills.

Living Voices project


Living Voices project is a national programme developed by the Scottish Poetry Library and the Scottish Storytelling Centre offering older people activities that use a mix of story, song and poetry to prompt conversation, reminiscence and creative response, supporting wellbeing, social connection and staff development.

Localities Bid Fund

Scottish Borders

Localities Bid Fund is aligned to the themes of the Scottish Borders Community Planning Partnership's Community Plan and the Council's Corporate Plan. This project develops lasting skills for participants.

My Time


My Time is an inspiring project partnership between the Scottish Poetry Library and Voluntary Arts Scotland.

National Centre for Children's Literature


National Centre for Children's Literature is based in the childhood home of JM Barrie which is currently undergoing major refurbishment to provide a new national centre for children's literature in Scotland.

National Galleries of Scotland Outreach Team and Works+ (The Bear that Cares)


National Galleries of Scotland Outreach Team and Works+ (The Bear that Cares) is a project that develops lasting skills.

Neu Reekie!


Neu Reekie! is a project which brings together spoken word, music, animation and film in an inventive and inclusive way.

New Found Sound as part of the Hippodrome Silent Film Festival (Hippfest)

Hippodrome Silent Film Festival

New Found Sound as part of the Hippodrome Silent Film Festival (Hippfest) took place during Scotland's first Festival celebrating silent film and live music. Pupils worked with professional arts practitioners to create content for the festival.

New Scots

St Mungo Museum of Religious Life and Art

New Scots is a permanent exhibition telling the stories of former refugees and asylum seekers living in Glasgow. It explores issues of cultural identities and the concept of 'home' through objects that former refugees and people within the asylum process have donated to, or chosen from, Glasgow Museums Collections, and an accompanying film.

Northern Voices Community Projects

Tyneside, North East England

Northern Voices Community Projects aims to offer a platform for the views and experiences of those people living in the North East of England who are normally denied a voice and contributes to the culture of the region through a projects, publishing and events programme which celebrates its diverse communities. Recent projects have involved a commemoration of the Hartley Pit Disaster of 1862, a touring show in Northumbrian churches and, performing poetry on the beaches.

Paisley's UK City of Culture


Paisley's UK City of Culture is an example of community-owned and driven buy-in to the transformation of a place through culture.

Peerie Makkers


Peerie Makkers is a project which seeks to pass on traditional cultural skills to young people.

Percent for Art Scheme


Percent for Art Scheme is a project that develops skills and leaves a skills legacy.

Playwrights Studio Scotland – Borders Project

Scottish Borders

Playwrights Studio Scotland – Borders Project is a project that develops skills and leaves a skills legacy.

Polmont Young Offenders Institution


Polmont Young Offenders Institution is developing a relevant, vibrant library service using professional librarian funded by the Scottish Prison Service and managed by the Falkirk Community Trust.

Positive Notes Choir


Positive Notes Choir is a project for people with learning disabilities, led by the Occupational Therapy Service, Dundee.

Punchdrunk Enrichment


Punchdrunk Enrichment inspires and engages participants through community theatre projects that focus on the innate creativity and imagination of the individual. Productions include Captain's Orders and The Lost Lending Library

Questions of Life and Death project

Dumfries & Galloway

Questions of Life and Death project uses state-of-the-art technology to explore stories from the archaeological bone collections with local young people in deprived areas. Giving them the opportunity to participate in 'CSI-style' cold cases designed to uncover the stories of medieval Scotland, while learning to use modern technology and learn about science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Reminiscence Sessions


Reminiscence Sessions work with older people using photographic and document archives to bring back memories and to promote social contact.

RE-Tune Project


RE-Tune Project is a volunteer-led project offering people with mental health difficulties the chance to make, and then play, their own stringed instrument.

Romani Cultural Arts

Romani Cultural Arts is a partnership which aims to deliver cultural projects to help the Romany and traveller community to break down inequalities.

Romantic Scotland Exhibition

National Galleries of Scotland

Romantic Scotland Exhibition is an exhibition which toured to the Nanjing Museum in 2017-18. This was a partnership between the National Galleries for Scotland and Historic Environment Scotland.

Room For Art

Room For Art is a ground-breaking project addressing health inequalities and achieving significant health and wellbeing outcomes.

Scottish Arts and Homelessness Network


Scottish Arts and Homelessness Network has undertaken the first Scottish Review of Arts and Homelessness.

Scottish Arts Council pARTners programme


Scottish Arts Council pARTners programme ran from 2004 to 2007. It gave communities with little experience of the arts new opportunities to engage with professional artists by providing opportunities for high quality participation in the arts for hard to reach groups, through artist(s)/arts organisation(s) residencies across Scotland. This included the Scottish Sculpture Workshop and Callendar House for example.

Scottish Boat Building Scheme – Scottish Maritime Museum 2014

Irvine, Ayrshire

Scottish Boat Building Scheme project provided education and qualifications in traditional and modern boat building and repair which involved young people, local community, long term unemployed and volunteers.

Scottish Book Trust pilot project

North Ayrshire

Scottish Book Trust pilot project, digital stories, created by various community groups, aimed at helping people get digitally connected by sharing their stories. The project involves using iPads and selected apps to create images, video, animation and audio which allows participants to tell their own unique story in the form of a short film.

Scottish Borders Cultural Forum

Scottish Borders

Scottish Borders Cultural Forum project that develops skills and leaves a skills legacy.

Scottish Coastal Rowing project


Scottish Coastal Rowing project has contributed to place-making and identity, community cohesion, health and wellbeing, and a revitalisation of an inclusive traditional sport with equal opportunities and skills development.

Scottish Council on Archives – Archives Preservation Project


Scottish Council on Archives – Archives Preservation Project – seeks to preserve archive material to ensure Scotland's collections are available for future generations. This includes storage, environmental control, handling, risk management, disaster planning and survival of digital material.

Scottish Council on Archives – Online Catalogue Project


Scottish Council on Archives – Online Catalogue Project – seeks to widen and improve ease of access to all national archive source material for academic and family history research purposes and for a wide range of creative activity both in Scotland and internationally.

Scottish Prison Arts Network


Scottish Prison Arts Network comprises artists across art forms engaged in the field of criminal justice. The network provides a focus for sharing practice, connecting artists and supporting organisations and articulating the importance and impact of making art with offenders and their families in Scotland.

Scottish Ten


Scottish Ten is an international partnership between Historic Environment Scotland and Glasgow School of Art and Japan. It led to the incorporation of Scottish industrial heritage features in a world heritage site. It is an example of digital diplomacy and also involves India and China.

See Think Make


See Think Make is an example of how to provide emerging artists with the opportunity to develop their leadership potential at the start of their professional journey, gaining an Arts Award in the process.

Sign Out Loud

Sign Out Loud involves community choirs which help change the perceptions of the deaf community and the role of music.

Sliabh Luachra Music Trail


Sliabh Luachra Music Trail provides access to culture, important cultural spaces and regular work for musicians, particularly traditional musicians who work in rural areas.

STAR Project


STAR Project is a community organisation, delivering sustainable and positive social outcomes in Renfrewshire. Established in 1999, employing a person centred approach, the Star Project deliver group and individual support to build safer, more connected and resilient families and communities. The project supports people through the cultural assets in their community.



SURGE seeks to develop street arts, physical theatre and circus in Scotland. They work with artists, performance companies and educators at all levels of experience. They provide participation opportunities and broaden access widely.

Tayberry Tales

Tayberry Tales is a multi-sensory storytelling project.

The Portal


The Portal is a community arts venue offers a wide range of arts and creative opportunities to people of all ages and abilities.

The Prince's Foundation – Outreach

New Cumnock

The Prince's Foundation – Outreach – is a regeneration project which turned the Town Hall into a community and activity space.

The Prince's Foundation Education Arm


The Prince's Foundation Education Arm, based at Dumfries House, offers innovative and inspiring skills-based courses including traditional arts and heritage craft skills, architecture and design, science, engineering and hospitality. Education programmes range from primary schools to postgraduate level. Partners include University of Oxford, Royal Conservatoire of Scotland and the Royal Drawing School.

Thomas Clement Douglas artwork commission

Thomas Clement Douglas artwork commission is a project which works with local voluntary groups to realise aspirations.

Trails Centre

Trails Centre is attached to a library and an oral history collection.

Understanding Cinema


Understanding Cinema is a project offered by Filmhouse/Centre for the Moving Image.

Visible Fictions


Visible Fictions offer immersive theatre interventions in school settings.

Wave Particle

Wave Particle is an artist-led organisation which supports and directs a team approach to rural projects.

WHALE Poetry Group

Wester Hailes

WHALE Poetry Group is a partnership between Scottish Poetry Library and Open Book.

White Gold @Sugar Sheds


White Gold @Sugar Sheds was a community dance/theatre, casting, skills development and heritage engagement project staged during the Commonwealth Games 2014.

Woodburn Art Club


Woodburn Art Club is an art club for young people stimulating creativity, empowering and developing skills in a fun, supportive and non- school environment.

Examples of Culture Initiatives or Programmes




Access for Young People


Access for Young People is a programme that National Trust for Scotland, working in partnership with Young Scot and Historic Environment Scotland and the Historic Houses Association, use to engage young people and encourage them to learn, explore and experience more of Scotland's history by offering access to historic attractions for £1.

Art Room (The)

Art Room offers art and creative writing opportunities during a difficult time in their lives.

Barras Action Plan


Barras Action Plan offers a programme involving arts, community and heritage.

Born to Write Programme


Born to Write Programme is an initiative which works in communities traditionally excluded from theatre.

Bright Club

Bright Club offers a stand-up comedy programme which brings art and science together.

Class Act programme

Traverse Theatre

Class Act programme is an education project, challenging senior pupils from across Edinburgh to become playwrights; creating brand new scripts to be premiered on the Traverse stage.

Code Clubs in Public Libraries


Code Clubs in Public Libraries aims to expose young people to coding skills, which are now a core component of computing science, in a way that is fun and engaging. By having a games-based focus and collaborative feel, the clubs enable children to develop confidence, self-esteem and leadership skills.

Consortium Co-operatives

Consortium Co-operatives brings groups of companies together to pool resources including buying, selling, marketing, sharing facilities or joint tendering for contracts.

Creative People and Places


Creative People and Places is a cross-art form model initiated and funded by Arts Council England with the primary objective of championing creative producers working in areas with lower levels of engagement with culture.

Cultural Rucksack Programme


Cultural Rucksack Programme is a national programme of arts and culture in Norwegian schools where there is a cultural entitlement for all young people.

Cultural Strategy for the Scottish Borders

Scottish Borders

Cultural Strategy for the Scottish Borders led to the establishment of a Cultural Forum which meets regularly and brings together practitioners, makers and administrators.

Culture 21 programme


Culture 21 programme was developed by United Cities and Local Government. It articulates the importance of culture for enriching lives, developing citizenship and improving sustainable development. This includes a range of indicators and means of evaluating which there may be merit in adopting or adapting within a Scottish context nationally and locally.

Culture Aberdeen


Culture Aberdeen is a new 10 year strategy for culture across the city developed with a network of organisations. The strategy was also translated into Doric, showing a shared commitment to the heritage and language of north-east Scotland

Culture and health Events

Glasgow Museums

Culture and health Events include workshops, talks, activities and Sunday tea parties for older people, who live alone and may have little contact with family or friends, in an effort to tackle loneliness and social isolation.

Dumfries and Galloway's Major Events Strategy

Dumfries & Galloway

Dumfries and Galloway's Major Events Strategy recognises the important contribution of culture to the region's economy with four of the seven 'Signature Events' being cultural to help generate future growth.

Dundee City Pipe Band and Youth Music Initiative


Dundee City Pipe Band and Youth Music Initiative offer music opportunities for participation.



Earshot, by BBC Scotland, was a joint broadcast with Radio Scotland and Radio5.

Edinburgh Performing Arts Development programme


Edinburgh Performing Arts Development programme offers opportunities for participation.



E-Force was an initiative by BBC Scotland in the 1980s/90s to give basic broadcast training to young unemployed people and to promote new broadcasting talent.

El Sistema

This is a publicly financed, voluntary sector, music-education program, founded in Venezuela in 1975. Based on this approach Sistema Scotland seeks to create permanent social change in some of the most deprived communities in Scotland. They use participation in the Big Noise orchestra programmes to change lives by fostering confidence, discipline, teamwork, pride and aspiration in the children and young people taking part. This enables the children and young people to reach their full potential, leading successful and fulfilled lives. This philosophy has a knock on effect for their families and the wider community in general.

Elderflowers and Forget Me Notes

Elderflowers and Forget Me Notes offer professional arts practitioners, trained to work in healthcare environments with vulnerable people living with dementia.

European City of Culture Valetta 2018

Valetta, Malta

European City of Culture gives a valuable platform to those cities who take part. The cultural programme in Valetta in 2018 spans the arts, free local events, a psychiatry and arts conference and looks at welcoming other cultures, in this instance Turkish music.

Falkirk Townscape Heritage Initiative


Falkirk Townscape Heritage Initiative uses arts and cultural activity as a starting point for public engagement in regeneration of a Conservation Area.

Feel good Fridays


Feel good Fridays are music sessions, photography, textiles and movie sessions run by Marie Curie.

Festivals partnerships


Festivals partnerships are strategic partnerships which provide space for events, drive participation and encourage engagement with permanent displays, help audiences make connections across Edinburgh's cultural offerings and encourage cross-fertilisation of cultural experiences.

Forget Me Not programme

Capital Theatre

Forget Me Not programme offers activities to enable those experiencing dementia and their carers to be able to take part in creative activities.

Gallery Social

National Galleries of Scotland

Gallery Social is a programme for people experiencing dementia which connects to social care. There are also community sessions within the family programme and a creativity summer school.

Head Start Summer School


Head Start Summer School offers senior Fife school pupils who are interested in studying visual art and craft beyond school workshops introducing them to new techniques and materials, run by artists.

High Flyers

High Flyers is a programme to support the development, confidence and leadership within established businesses.

High Street Action Plan


High Street Action Plan is a heritage, arts, community initiative.

Insider /Tipi sessions

Dell of Abernethy

Insider /Tipi sessions offer a cultural programme in a rural location.

Jury of Peers' grant assessment system

Canada Council of the Arts

Jury of Peers' grant assessment system gives opportunities to artists/creative professionals in the grant process including those who are marginalised. This benefits the decision-making process and the individuals involved.

Library Makerspace

Garnock Valley, Beith, Dalry & Kilbirnie

Library Makerspace is a concept where a range of activities can take place, ranging from traditional crafts to cutting edge technology, offering the chance to learn new skills, free access to tuition and equipment, the opportunity for the local community to volunteer to share knowledge and a link up with social enterprise team to encourage business start-ups.

Live Literature

Live Literature funding by the Scottish Book Trust helps people to engage with Scottish literature.

Making Progress

Highlands & Islands

Making Progress is a programme supporting the business development of emerging makers.

Museum Socials


Museum Socials is run for people living with dementia, their friends, families and carers. It is delivered through partnership with National Galleries of Scotland, National Library of Scotland, St Cecilia's Hall: Concert Room and Music Museum and Edinburgh Zoo, providing invaluable respite for carers and stimulation for those living with dementia.

Music Education Partnership Group

Music Education Partnership Group is a partnership of many organisations with direct interest in the delivery of music education in Scotland over the broad canvas of the formal, informal, and non-formal sectors.

Music For Life

Music For Life aims to deliver tailored musical activities for people at every key stage of life across the nation, from new-borns to those in later life. Providing a broad range of activities for early years, nurseries and schools, teenagers and students, families, accessing lives, working lives and retired and later life.

National Galleries of Scotland – digitising National Collection

National Galleries of Scotland

National Galleries of Scotland – digitising National Collection – offers a programme to develop future skills with trainees.

National Records of Scotland


National Records of Scotland's Genealogy programme links Scots across the world with their cultural roots.

National working


National working developed by National Museums Scotland, in consultation and collaboration with the Scottish museum sector and other groups, delivered through three successive national strategies. Achievements include a free National Training Programme, loans programme, seven national touring exhibitions provided to local museums as part of a development programme aimed at building capacity through collaboration, a Collections Advice Policy fostering the sharing of National Museums Scotland's specialist curatorial expertise with local museums, annual outreach programmes, Powering Up!, a national science engagement programme funded by the ScottishPower Foundation, now in its fourth year, delivering new science, technology, engineering and mathematics learning in partnership with local museums and schools, and through outreach to areas of social deprivation, advice and funding for acquisitions by local museums through the National Fund for Acquisitions.

New Blood Programme

New Blood Programme gives young people inspiration and evidence pathways of the steps to follow post school in order to work in the creative sector. The partnership runs across a trust, college and schools.

Paris Pacte Parisien


Paris Pacte Parisien partners cultural organisations with social welfare organisations. This model is also being implemented in Manchester.

Regional Screen Scotland /Screen Machine


Regional Screen Scotland /Screen Machine links with community cinema and the Screen Machine.

Scottish Contemporary Art Network, Scottish Artists Union and Engage Scotland's Visual Arts Manifesto

Scottish Contemporary Art Network, Scottish Artists Union and Engage Scotland's Visual Arts Manifesto which makes public their commitment to working together to champion the visual arts sector and to take action on the challenges the sector faces.

Scotland-Venice Visual Art Programme

National Galleries of Scotland

Scotland + Venice Visual Art programme is delivered in partnership with the British Council, Creative Scotland and National Galleries of Scotland. It is part of the Venice Biennale of International Art, which gives an international stage for Scotland's art.

Scottish Ballet Dance for Parkinson's programme


Scottish Ballet Dance for Parkinson's programme is a pioneering Dance for Parkinson's programme.

Scottish Community Reinvestment Trust


Scottish Community Reinvestment Trust allows third sector organisations to pool resources for the mutual benefit of the sector and the communities it serves and develops financial models that may be useful for the culture sector.

Scottish Council on Archives – Education and Community Archives

Scottish Council on Archives – Education and Community Archives – enables equal access to the archival heritage for minority and disadvantaged groups, children and young people across Scotland. Led by its Education Committee and guided by a strategic plan, further developing skills and confidence in developing and implementing outreach programmes, leading to a significant increase in engagement with schools and communities.

Scottish Council on Archives – Fundraising for Archives


Scottish Council on Archives – Fundraising for Archives – supports the delivery of a comprehensive fundraising training programme for archivists in Scotland.

Scottish Council on Archives – Skills for the Future Programme

Scottish Council on Archives – Skills for the Future Programme – is part of the Opening Up of Scotland's Archives project and part of a wider partnership project with The National Archives, University of Dundee and the Archives and Record Association UK and Northern Ireland. This includes a 12 month traineeship programme focusing on diversifying the sector, addressing skills gaps and providing new routes into working in archives.

Scottish Graduate School for Arts and Humanities Internship and Artist Residency programme


Scottish Graduate School for Arts and Humanities Internship and Artist Residency programme


Highlands & Islands

SHIFT is a creative exchange programme with Iceland.

Smart Plastics


Smart Plastics is a group formed to develop new products from biodegradable and recyclable plastics through an academic collaboration with the Green Materials Laboratory at the University of Edinburgh. Motivated to minimise their carbon footprint, reduce the energy used in the ceramic making process, and to use recyclable or biodegradable materials this project is breaking new ground in developing the use of polymers, plastics and new materials in each participant's practice.

Travel grant system

Canada Council of the Arts

Travel grant system is a rolling grant fund enables artists to present and promote their work internationally.

West Lothian policy on public art

West Lothian

West Lothian policy on public art as West Lothian is the home of internationally recognised pieces of public art, with over 80 artworks in the region.

Year of Young People

National Museums of Scotland

Year of Young People project took place in 2018 as part of the National Museums of Scotland's 'Kick the Dust' programme and partnership with impact Arts which included summer residences with over 200 young people from Edinburgh, Glasgow, Renfrewshire and Ayrshire.

Youth Music Initiative


Youth Music Initiative offers support for young musicians across Scotland.

Examples of Culture Events

Event Name



Article 12 in Scotland Events


Article 12 in Scotland Events offers events to celebrate Gypsy, Roma and Traveller History Month. These events promote greater understanding of these cultures and challenging stereotypes through creative means.

Big Burns Supper

Big Burns Supper is the world's biggest Burns night celebration.

Book Week Scotland


Book Week Scotland offers events throughout Scotland promoting engagement with Scottish literature.

Casting the Net – From town to coast

Borders / Berwickshire

Casting the Net – From town to coast offers an Easter festival of net making and knitting in Eyemouth and Selkirk.

Clin d'oeil

Clin d'oeil is a deaf film and arts festival.



Deaffest is a deaf film and arts festival.

Death on the Fringe


Death on the Fringe is a series of shows and events looking at death and dying, combines fringe shows with a programme of talks and lectures for an audience of invited guests from academia, health and social care providers, and community organisations.

Early Doors for Autism

National Museums of Scotland

Early Doors for Autism events provide opportunities for autistic young people and their carers/families to explore the galleries and exhibitions in a context in which they feel comfortable. Museum staff have had specialist training in order to facilitate these sessions.

Edinburgh Festival


Edinburgh Festival offer a successful and diverse festival which has been running for over 70 years.

Edinburgh Fringe Festival


Edinburgh Fringe Festival is an anarchic, open, accessible festival.

Fighting for Life


Fighting for Life is a play by Brian Daniels commissioned by Helen Findlay on the lack of care offered to families with members suffering from motor neurone disease.

Fire Festivals


Fire Festivals is a community driven event creating channels for creativity and sense of belonging

GLOW festival

Edinburgh College

GLOW festival is a creative industries festival for students

Knowledge Exchange Cultural Strategy Event


Knowledge Exchange Cultural Strategy Event brings together representatives and practitioners of colour with a range of governance and strategic representatives from cultural organisations of scale in Scotland.



Lentfest is an annual festival of faith and the arts held by The Archdiocese of Glasgow Arts Project.

Live Borders Museum Service's Exhibitions

Scottish Borders

Live Borders Museum Service's Exhibitions regularly feature exhibitions curated with local community involvement.

Lubimovka New Plays Festival


Lubimovka New Plays Festival is an event where playwrights explore each other's work, leading to commissions and a translation exchange with a leading playwright development organisation in the USA.

Melrose Book Festival

Scottish Borders

Melrose Book Festival attracts wide audience beyond local and has good speakers.

National Theatre of Scotland's Educational activity

National Theatre of Scotland

National Theatre of Scotland's Educational activity offers a rich array of activities to encourage participation.

Pentlands Book Festival


Pentlands Book Festival is an annual event linked to Book Week Scotland.

Rip It Up: The Story of Scottish Pop

National Museums of Scotland

Rip It Up: The Story of Scottish Pop was a special exhibition exploring Scottish artists' creativity and contribution to popular music over the past 60 years. It was a catalyst for a major cultural celebration, including talks and performances, BBC Scotland TV and Radio documentary series, and a series of accompanying concerts.

Screenplay Film Festival

Screenplay Film Festival offers film education; widening culture access to for young people and others.

Shetland Folk Festival


Shetland Folk Festival is noted for its hospitality.

SPECTRA Festival of Light


SPECTRA Festival of Light brings together local, national and international artists.

Spring Fling


Spring Fling offers visual arts and crafts open studios event.

Sunday Teas


Sunday Teas offers cultural value, tackles mental health issues, isolation and provides an opportunity for participation.

The Alchemy Film and Moving Image Festival


The Alchemy Film and Moving Image Festival is an excellent example of a sustainable and vibrant international festival which started, and is still based and delivered, in Hawick.

The Night With…..

The Night With…..programme of contemporary and classical music events are placed in informal venues to promote wider community access.

To Absent Friends


To Absent Friends is a festival of storytelling and remembrance providing people with an opportunity to tell stories, celebrate and reminisce about those we love who have died. Events range from large-scale concerts to community meals to storytelling evenings to private remembrance ceremonies.

Wigtown Book Town/Kirkcudbright Artists Town

Wigtown Book Town/Kirkcudbright Artists Town is where culture is an integral part of everyday life. This offers a platform for communities and business to come together for the benefit of local residents and to appeal to tourists and visitors with an interest in culture and creativity.



XpoNorth is Scotland's Leading Creative Industries Festival.

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Me Notes

Alex Rotas Photography;

Argyll & Isles

Argyll Crafters

website unavailable

Art In Healthcare

Arts in Health Commissions

Bird Yarns

Casting the Net from Town to coast

CHArts Argyll and the Isles + AITC

CHArts Digital network

CHArts inclusive network this has created 5 new hub networking events.

CHArts partnerships

Clin-Doeil Festival

Creative Dundee

Creative Edinburgh

Creative Renfrewshire

Cultural Social Enterprise Network

Culture Aberdeen

Deaf Artists

Deaf Artists

Deaf Artists

Deaf Artists

Deaf Artists

Deaf Artists

Deaf Comedians

Deaf Comedians (The Maloes Show)

Deaf Crafts

Deaf Crafts

Deaf Crafts

Deaf Crafts

Deaf Crafts

Deaf Crafts

Deaf Festivals

Deaf Festivals

Deaf Festivals

Deaf Museums

Deaf Museums

Deaf Theatres

Deaf Theatres

Deaf Theatres

Deaf Theatres

Deafinitely Theatre

Death On the Fringe

Diggorg Brown Collaboration

Digital Heritage Programmes in the Highlands and Islands

Edinburgh College


Falkirk Townscape Heritage Initiative

Fèisean nan Gàidheal

Frances Whitehead



Get It Loud In Libraries


Growing Old Competitively

Harris, World Craft City

Highlands and Islands Enterprise

Highlands and Islands Enterprise Community Support

Hippodrome Silent Film Festival (Hippfest)

Impact Arts


Inspiration Point

Jangling Space

Jigsaw of Homelessness Support

Living Voices Project

Luminate Scotland

Made in Easterhouse

Maggie's Centres

Make Works, including their residency programmes with Hospitalfields and Dundee Design Festival

Making Music

Marie Curie Edinburgh

Marie Curie Glasgow

Marie Curie St Columbus

Museum Galleries Scotland

Museum School

Music in Health and Care – MiHC

Music in Health and Care – MiHC

National Performing Companies Criteria

Nordic Horizons

Northlands Creative

Norwegian artist Scholarships>

Open Book Reading

Open Jar Collective



Paris Pacte Parisienécarité/AnnuaireStructuresSocialeCulturelles_22-09-HD.pdf

Pink Lane Jazz Co-op

Playlist For Life

Regional Screen Scotland

SAU Rates of Pay

(weblink only accessible to members)

Scottish Care

Scottish Chamber Orchestra Masterworks-American-Minimalism

Scottish Chamber Orchestra Wester-Hailes-Residency


See Think Make

Shetland Perrier Makkers

Solar Bear

Spring Fling

Story Bird Project

Swedish EPR Agreement

Tamarack Community

The Arrival

The Art Room

The Bridges Chair, a collaboration by The Orkney Furniture Maker and Gareth Neal for The New Craftsmen Gallery, London

The Engine Shed

The Glasgow School of Art's Restoration of the Mackintosh Building (after the fire in 2014)

The Stove

The Work Room

To Absent Friends

Uist Wool

Upland's Modern Heritage Craft

Upland's Modern Makers

Voluntary Code of Practice for Social Enterprise in Scotland


We Are Unlimited

Whale Arts

Why Creativity Matters

Woodburn Art Club





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