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Crown Estate: a consultation on the long-term management of the Crown Estate in Scotland

Published: 4 Jan 2017
Marine Scotland Directorate
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Marine and fisheries

A consultation on the long-term management of the Crown Estate in Scotland.

Crown Estate: a consultation on the long-term management of the Crown Estate in Scotland
Glossary of Terms

Glossary of Terms

Capital account

Expenditure and financing on non-current assets used in providing services beyond the current accounting period.

Community empowerment

The Scottish Government is committed to our communities being supported to do things for themselves - community empowerment - and to people having their voices heard in the planning and delivery of services - community engagement and participation.

Crown Estate Commissioners

Body which administers certain property, rights and interests which historically belong to the Crown.

Crown Estate assets

Crown property, rights and interests in Scotland that are currently managed by the Crown Estate Commissioners.

Exclusive Economic Zone

A sea zone, prescribed by the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea, over which a state has special rights regarding the exploration and use of marine resources, including energy production from water and wind.

Estate in land

Where used in reference to the duty in section 90B(8) of the Scotland Act 1998 that the assets must be maintained as an estate in land, this means that the manager has a duty to maintain the value of the Scottish assets, with re-investment back into the estate, with due regard to the requirements of good management.

Fiscal Framework Agreement

An agreement between the UK and Scottish Governments that governs the funding of the Scottish budget and underpins the further powers devolved through the Scotland Act (2016).

Crown Foreshore

Land owned by Her Majesty which in Scotland lies between the high and low water marks of ordinary spring tides.

Income account

Statement showing day to day revenue and expenses over an annual period.

Land reform

The Scottish Government's aim is to modernise the nation's relationship with our land, and we continue to prioritise transparency, accountability and community ownership.

Legislative competence

Those areas in which the Scottish Parliament can make valid legislation.

Mines Royal

The Crown holds virtually all of the rights to naturally occurring gold and silver across the UK. This is known as 'Mines Royal'.

National Outcomes

Sixteen National Outcomes describe what the Scottish Government wants to achieve and help to sharpen the focus of government, enable priorities to be clearly understood and provide a clear structure for delivery.

Order in Council

A form of subordinate legislation made by the sovereign through the Privy Council, rather than directly by a Minister.

Privy Council

A body which, in the past, exercised much of the executive power of the sovereign, and which nowadays has a number of residual functions. These include the making of orders in council.

Scottish Aquaculture Research Forum

The Scottish Aquaculture Research Forum was formed in 2004 as an independent company limited by guarantee with charitable status to promote, encourage and support research and development in aquaculture and related areas.

Scottish Consolidated Fund

The fund created by the Scotland Act 1998 into which payments are made by the Secretary of State or sums received by the Scottish Administration, and out of which the spending of the Scottish Administration and other statutorily defined bodies comes.

Shared services

A service delivery model where transactional, operational, professional or supporting functions are delivered collaboratively on behalf of more than one body. Shared services can include joint-ventures between the public sector and private sector.

Transfer scheme

The secondary legislation which enables HM Treasury to transfer the existing Scottish functions of the Crown Estate Commissioners to either Scottish Ministers or another body nominated by Scottish Ministers.

Single entity

The Scotland Act 1998 (as amended by the Scotland Act 2016) stipulates that the existing Scottish functions of the Crown Estate Commissioners are to be transferred to a single transferee. The Scottish Government plans to establish a single body on an interim basis through an Order in Council.

Turning to account

To get use, or profit, from.

Udal tenure

A form of land tenure found in the Northern Isles. It sources from a time when the Northern Isles formed part of Norway.