Cremation (Scotland) Regulations 2019: guidance

The Cremation (Scotland) Regulations 2019 provide a detailed framework for the provision of cremation services.




3. The term “informant” is used here as a generic term (it may be the next of kin or another person who registers the death).

4. Registrars may offer to email a scanned Form 14 to a funeral director if the Form 11 (death certificate) has been selected for review.  Each registrar will be able to confirm if they are able to do this.  If a registrar is able to do this, the funeral director must acknowledges to the registrar that they have received the Form 14.  This can be done via email.

5. Weighing equipment should comply with the Non-automatic Weighing Instruments Regulations 2016 (Regulation 3(c)).

6. The Anatomy Act 1984, as amended by the Human Tissue (Scotland) Act 2006.

7. This will currently be a warrant from the sheriff court. When regulations for burial grounds are done this is likely to change.  These notes will be updated and reissued at that time.

8. Review of all exhumation procedures is part of the regulations on burial and will be developed during 2019-20.  Once the burial regulations are completed this guidance will be updated.



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