Coronavirus (COVID-19) Phase 3: Scotland's route map update – 1 October 2020

Update to Scotland's route map.

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The Scottish Government is required to review the coronavirus regulations at least once every 21 days.

In view of the deteriorating position of the epidemic during September, the government moved early to review the current restrictions alongside the latest data mid-way through this three-week cycle and concluded both that retaining the current restrictions was necessary and proportionate and that further restrictions were required. On the 22 September, the First Minister announced that several further restrictions would be introduced and existing rules strengthened alongside wider measures to reduce the transmission:

Inside people’s homes

  • you should not meet people in your home or another person’s home socially, unless you have formed an extended household
  • these rules apply to children
  • children whose parents do not live in the same household can move between homes, as can non-cohabiting couples
  • limited exemptions apply including for childcare and for tradespeople

Private gardens or public outdoors spaces

  • a maximum of six people from two households can meet in outdoor spaces
  • you should limit as far as possible the total number of households you meet in a day
  • under 12s do not count towards the maximum number of households or the number of people who can meet outdoors. Under-12s do not have to physically distance
  • a maximum of six 12 to 17 year olds can meet in outdoor spaces, with no household limit. Physical distancing is still required

Indoors in public spaces

  • a maximum of six people from two households can meet in public indoor spaces such as cafes, pubs and restaurants
  • children under 12 from those two households do not count towards the limits


  • pubs, restaurants and hospitality settings will be required to close at 10pm
  • table service will continue to be required in all hospitality premises


  • you should continue to work from home where practicable

Car sharing

  • you should only car share with members of your own, or extended, household, and follow guidance when there is no alternative

As regulations relating to the above measures were made on 24 September, the First Minster has committed to review the regulations again by three weeks after that date, the 15 October.

In her statement on the 1 October, the First Minister confirmed that those changes that had previously been given an indicative date of 5 October, which was conditional on continued progress in suppressing the epidemic, would not now proceed on that date. These changes will be kept under review ahead of the 15 October review date.

Route Map changes that will remain under review include:

  • soft play centres
  • mobile close contact services
  • contact sports for people aged 12 years and over indoors
  • certain outdoor live events (e.g. those involving focussed standing)
  • indoor live events
  • certain entertainment venues like theatres and music venues
  • stadia (for limited re-opening)
  • plans for a phased and limited return to non-essential offices

As noted, these restrictions will be reviewed again by 15 October.

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