Coronavirus (COVID-19): ONS Infection Survey – headline results – 24 December 2021

Results from the ONS COVID-19 infection survey from 24 December 2021.

ONS Coronavirus (COVID-19) Infection Survey 24 December 2021

On 24 December 2021, ONS published a short headline release on the latest estimates of the COVID-19 Infection Survey. This release accompanies a limited dataset which includes estimates of positivity by country and variant analysis by country.

This latest Coronavirus (COVID-19) Infection Survey, UK Statistical bulletin can be found on the ONS website. The main points for Scotland are as follows:

  • in Scotland, in the week 13 to 19 December 2021, the percentage of people testing positive was 1.50%; we estimate that 79,200 people in Scotland had COVID-19 (95% credible interval: 65,600 to 94,000), equating to around 1 in 65 people.
  • COVID-19 infections compatible with the Omicron variant have increased in Scotland.

The next headline release is due on 31 December 2021 followed by a regular statistical bulletin on the COVID-19 Infection Survey published on the Scottish Government website in the week ending 7 January.


Scottish Government COVID-19 Infection Survey Team:

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