Coronavirus (COVID-19): NHS Louisa Jordan Governance Board minutes: 24 April 2020

Minutes from the second meeting of the NHS Louisa Jordan Governance Board meeting on 24 April 2020.

Attendees and apologies


Board Members

  • Fiona McQueen, Chief Nursing Officer, Scottish Government
  • Jill Young, Chief Executive, NHS Louisa Jordan
  • John Connaghan, Chief Performance Officer, Scottish Government
  • Alan Morrison, Deputy Director Health Infrastructure, Scottish Government
  • David Miller, Chief People Officer, Scottish Government
  • Michael Kellet, Scottish Government
  • Colin Sinclair, Chief Executive NSS

In Attendance

  • John Harden, Scottish Government
  • Ian Wallace, Medical Director, NHS Louisa Jordan
  • Ann Gow, Nurse Director, NHS Louisa Jordan
  • Gordon James, Construction and Mobilisation, NHS Louisa Jordan
  • Christine McLaughlin, Finance Director, NHS Louisa Jordan
  • Colin McDowall, Director of Clinical Operations, NHS Louisa Jordan
  • Jacqui Jones, Human Resources Director, NHS Louisa Jordan
  • Margaret Sherwood, Director of Support Services, NHS Louisa Jordan
  • Greg Thomson, Programme Director, NHS Louisa Jordan
  • Sandie Scott, Communications Director, NHS Louisa Jordan
  • Matt McLaughlin, Unison
  • Joyce Davison, BMA
  • Eileen McKenna, RCN
  • Helen Maitland, Scottish Government
  • James Boyce, Scottish Government
  • Calum Henderson, Scottish Government (Secretariat)


  • Jason Leitch, National Clinical Director, Scottish Government
  • Caroline Lamb, Director of Digital and Service Engagement

Items and actions


The Chair welcomed everyone the fourth meeting of the NHS Louisa Jordan Governance Board. The attendees are noted above.

The Governance Board noted the significant achievement by everyone involved to complete construction of the NHS Louisa Jordan.


The Scottish Government to correct minor amendments to the previous minutes following comments from the Board. The Board noted that the minutes are now published on the Scottish Government website, to ensure maximum transparency.


The Governance Board noted the updated attendees on the Terms of Reference.

NHS Louisa Jordan Triggers for occupation

Helen Maitland spoke to the paper and summarised the proposed levels of escalation. The Governance Board agreed that the capacity trigger for the mobilisation of the NHS Louisa Jordan should be 80% occupancy of Covid capacity across the acute hospital sector in Scotland. The Governance Board discussed the push and pull from permanent acute hospitals to NHS Louisa Jordan. Following discussion, the Board agreed that because a board may have patients placed at NHS Louisa Jordan it would not be guaranteed that amount of beds at NHS Louisa Jordan on an ongoing basis. Decisions to place patients at NHS Louisa Jordan would always be taken on the basis of what was in the best interests of NHS Scotland as a whole. The Board agreed that an indicative maximum transport time of 120 minutes as sensible. Helen Maitland and Ian Wallace to discuss the ICU capacity and utilisation along with the ventilator availability and consider what should be added to the paper. Helen Maitland to update the trigger paper to reflect the discussion of the Governance Board..

Programme update

The Governance Board noted the operational readiness update.

Gordon James spoke to the construction status paper. The NHS Louisa Jordan team are awaiting final certification on the mortuary and ambulance facilities. There continues to be engagement over external assurances. There will be discussions next week regarding decommissioning of the site. The Governance Board approved the paper.

Ian Wallace spoke to the Clinical Governance Group Terms of Reference. The Governance Board approved the Terms of Reference.

Ann Gow spoke to paper on Infection Prevention and Control. The IPC team have been established and are on site. The Governance Board approved the paper. 

Jacqui Jones updated on the workforce position. There are now staff identified to cover the first 40 beds and engagement will continue across Scotland to increase staff numbers. The Board noted that 170 staff had gone through induction over the past weeks.

Christine McLaughlin spoke to the finance paper. The board noted that the forecast expenditure for the set up phase is £40.35 million and, of that amount, it is currently estimated that £12m will be capable of re-use as equipment elsewhere in NHS Scotland.   There continues to be work with NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde to clarify digital costs. Operational costs for the hospital (both with and without patients) continue to be developed and refined. The Governance Board approved the paper.

The Governance Board approved the corporate risks as laid out in the risk register.

Key decisions 

Jill Young updated on the key future decisions. Work will begin on the decommissioning strategy  and the NHS Louisa Jordan will also begin to look at the lessons learned from the construction. The Louisa Jordan team will also support thinking on the wider NHS Scotland recovery from the pandemic.

Communications strategy

The Governance Board noted the paper presented.

The Governance Board also recorded thanks to communications colleagues for the positive media coverage  of the completion of construction.


The Board agreed to change the frequency of the Governance Board meetings. The Board will now meet fortnightly.

The date of next meeting to be confirmed by the Scottish Government

Action points

  • Scottish Government to amend the previous minute following comments from the Board.
  • Helen Maitland to update the trigger paper to reflect the discussion of the governance Board.
  • Scottish Government to alter frequency of meetings to fortnightly.
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