Coronavirus (COVID-19): NHS Louisa Jordan Governance Board minutes: 21 May 2020

Minutes from the first meeting of the NHS Louisa Jordan Governance Board meeting on 21 May 2020.

Attendees and apologies

Board Members

  • Fiona McQueen, Chief Nursing Officer, Scottish Government
  • John Connaghan, Interim Chief Executive NHS Scotland , Scottish Government
  • Jill Young, Chief Executive, NHS Louisa Jordan
  • Alan Morrison, Deputy Director Health Infrastructure, Scottish Government
  • Jason Leitch, National Clinical Director, Scottish Government
  • David Miller, Chief People Officer, Scottish Government
  • Michael Kellet, Scottish Government
  • Colin Sinclair, Chief Executive NSS

In Attendance

  • Ian Wallace, Medical Director, NHS Louisa Jordan
  • Ann Gow, Nurse Director, NHS Louisa Jordan
  • Gordon James, Construction and Mobilisation, NHS Louisa Jordan
  • Colin McDowall, Director of Clinical Operations, NHS Louisa Jordan
  • Jacqui Jones, Human Resources Director, NHS Louisa Jordan
  • Margaret Sherwood, Director of Support Services, NHS Louisa Jordan
  • Greg Thomson, Programme Director, NHS Louisa Jordan
  • Sandie Scott, Communications Director, NHS Louisa Jordan
  • Matt McLaughlin, Unison
  • Eileen McKenna, RCN
  • James Boyce, Scottish Government
  • Calum Henderson, Scottish Government (Secretariat)


  • Gregor Smith, Interim Chief Medical Officer, Scottish Government
  • Caroline Lamb, Director of Digital and Service Engagement, Scottish Government
  • Christine McLaughlin, Finance Director, NHS Louisa Jordan
  • Joyce Davison, BMA

Items and actions


The Chair welcomed everyone the sixth meeting of the NHS Louisa Jordan Governance Board. The attendees are noted above.


The minutes of the meeting held on 7 May 2020 were accepted.

Options for NHS Louisa Jordan 

The Governance Board discussed and agreed that further investigations should be made on future use of the hospital.  These to explore stand-by, as well as elective options and education and training on site.

Programme Update

The Governance Board noted the Office of the Chief Surveyor at the Scottish Government will take forward negotiations of the lease extension.

Gordon James spoke to the decommissioning paper. The overall decommissioning programme is currently expected to be 18 weeks. Decommissioning costs need to be finalised however costs are estimated at just over £4 million. Doing it faster is possible but at increased cost.   The Governance Board noted the options and risks.

Greg Thomson spoke to the finance paper. The overall forecast is therefore now £38 million, lower than the previous range of £40-43 million. Monthly fixed operating costs for the site have been revised for a 7 day / 12 hour operation with no patients. Other operational costs remain as previously reported with total monthly operating costs estimated at circa £2.8 million per month. The Governance Board approved the finance paper.

Greg Thomson spoke to the risk paper. There is to be further consideration with the Boards in the west of Scotland with regards to staffing model to ensure the NHS Louisa Jordan has sufficient staffing. The Governance Board noted the paper.

Key Decisions 

Nothing further to report.

Communications Strategy

Sandie Scott highlighted ongoing considerations for communications about the next steps for the facility.


The Scottish Government to move the Governance Board to a monthly meeting.

Actions Points

  • The Scottish Government to refine and seek internal views on the requirements of a flat pack hospital option.
  • Scottish Government to move the Governance Board to a monthly meeting.
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