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Coronavirus (COVID-19): business support funding interim experimental statistics - by local authority and scheme from November 2020

A summary of COVID-19 business support funding paid to Scottish Businesses between November 2020 and June 2021.

21 Dec 2021
Coronavirus (COVID-19): business support funding interim experimental statistics - by local authority and scheme from November 2020

This publication contains information on COVID-19  funding broken down by Local Authority and Scheme name.

This information does not cover all funding. The time period used is broadly covers schemes that went live between November 2020 and June 2021. The rational for this period is that it covers the extent of the Strategic Framework Business Support (SFBF) funding as well as all the related sector specific schemes that ran in this period.

In total this publication covers 43 schemes and a total of £1.4 billion funds. For completeness it should be noted that the total COVID-19 related funding is £4.4 billion. Not included here is £1.5 billion in non-domestics rates relief, and a further £1.5 billion of funding paid prior to the SFBF (The ‘Business Support Fund Grants’ scheme accounts for the majority of those funds). A summary of the full funding is available here: summary of Scottish business support funding

The information used in this publication was gathered in June 2021. For the most part the data relates to the final position of closed funds. In a few cases the fund was still ongoing (Local Authority Discretional Fund) or had future rounds. In those cases the data will relate to the position as of June 2021

The data was compiled by seeking award level payment information from the administrators of the various schemes and then aggregating the information [1]. Please note that due to ongoing quality assurance, these statistics are subject to change. The figures may differ slightly from previously published aggregate scheme values, due to the more in-depth methodology used here and also from subsequent changes to funding such as businesses repaying funding.

[1] The only exception to this is Renfrewshire’s Strategic Framework Business Support (SFBF) funding, which we were unable to process at record level at this time, we instead used previous aggregate data to account for these funds


Please see the excel files linked on this page for the publication data

Table 1: Funds by Local Authority

Table 2: Funds by Scheme name

Table 3: Funds by both Local Authority and Scheme name

Additional information on schemes

More information about local authority administered funds  is available. Names of recipients of awards have been published for the following funds:

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