Coronavirus (COVID-19): local authority indicators and Levels - 22 December 2020

Outcome of the 7th review of the allocation of levels to local authorities, alongside evidence and analysis informing these decisions.

We announced changes to the Levels on 19 December as a result of the most recent information on the emergence of a variant strain of COVID-19.

Prior to this, the governments of the four UK nations received further scientific briefing on the impact of the new strain. Some of this is linked to below. This concluded that there is now strong evidence that the new strain is spreading substantially more quickly than other strains of the virus we have been dealing with up to now.

As a result, Ministers considered it necessary to act to limit the risk of transmission of this strain from other parts of the UK and  the Common Travel Area and to reduce the opportunities for transmission between households.  The revised Levels which will apply for a minimum of three weeks from 26 December are as set out in the below document: COVID-19 strategic framework summary indicators and trends - 22 December 2020.

This is in line with the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Framework for Decision-Making and Strategic Framework which set out that early intervention is required in certain circumstances to contain and suppress the virus.



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