COP27: outcomes, achievements and costs

Outcomes, achievements and costs associated with the Scottish Government's presence at the 2022 COP27 event.

Overview: the Scottish Government at COP27

COP27 took place in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt from 6 to19 November 2022. The First Minister (FM) and Minister for Environment and Land Reform (Minister) participated in COP 6 to 9 November and 15 to 18 November respectively. Ministers and officials undertook a significant programme of engagement with national and regional governments, climate experts and campaigners, including those from the global south. In partnership with the Local Governments for Sustainability (ICLEI), the Scottish Government hosted a pavilion, showcasing ideas, collaboration and innovation.

COP26 saw the Scottish Government’s representation, engagement and influence on international climate change increase to new levels. This was a result of international partners’ and organisations’ expectations on the Scottish Government as informal hosts, Scotland’s role as co-chair of the Under2 Coalition and Scotland’s drive to support bold and ambitious global climate action.

At COP27 the Scottish Government sought to build on the role played at COP26. This meant championing the role of sub-state actors in responding to the climate crises and promoting Scotland as a destination for green investment and green industry. This was seen particularly in the field of energy and innovation, where Scotland has a significant footprint and, in areas such as offshore wind, plays a global leadership role. 

At COP27, Scotland played a particular role in pushing for greater action to support global south countries experiencing loss and damage as a result of climate change. Building on COP26 where Scotland became the first country to commit funding to loss and damage, Scotland announced further funding to address loss and damage with a particular focus on non-economic loss and damage, and women and girls. This, alongside the Scottish Government’s facilitation of discussion between global partners throughout the year on how loss and damage could be addressed, meant the Scottish Government was expected to play a bridging role between civil society, the global south and global north countries in support of action on loss and damage.

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