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contractSCOTLAND: Review of the service extension pilot

Published: 3 Mar 2016

The contactSCOTLAND review was undertaken to understand uptake and usage of the extended pilot service and gather information on stakeholders’ views and experiences of the contactSCOTLAND service.

contractSCOTLAND: Review of the service extension pilot
2. Methodology

2. Methodology

The review of contactSCOTLAND covers the period from the expansion of the service across the public sector on 2 March 2015 to end October 2015. The scope of the review was to gather information on awareness and uptake of the service, and experiences of using it, based on a combination of management information and stakeholder feedback. The work was undertaken jointly by the Scottish Government and the Deaf Sector Partnership (DSP), with the DSP undertaking the stakeholder engagement work and designing the approach.

The review provides high level insights and experiences from a range of stakeholders. The original intention was to use a combination of surveys and focus groups to provide both high level and in-depth insights. However, due to challenges in recruiting and facilitating focus groups, (the timing of the work following soon after the consultation work on the BSL Scotland Bill and resource challenges for the DSP in coordinating and delivering focus groups) it was not possible to capture more in-depth views. Nevertheless, the review still provides some important insights into the nature, awareness, scope and impact of the service from the perspective of those using the service as well as those with little experience of the service. The methods used are summarised in the Table 2 below, with full details provided in Annex 2.

2.1 Summary of methods

Table 2: Summary of review methods

Method Scope Purpose
Stakeholder Consultation 4 online surveys (Deaf/deafblind community (56 responses), public services (26 responses), interpreters (36 responses), Deaf organisations (14 responses)
Fourteen face-to-face meetings incorporating questions on contactSCOTLAND
To gather views and information on awareness and use of contactSCOTLAND, experiences of using it and what works well and what could be improved.
Management Information Monthly call reports and additional service information recorded by interpreters To understand service uptake and usage and how this has developed over the implementation of the pilot.
Contextual evidence Key reports on the policy and international context for VRS/VRI services To understand the policy context for the contactSCOTLAND service.


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