Transforming parole in Scotland: consultation

Consultation on proposals to improve the openess and transparency of parole and strengthen the victim's voice in the parole process.



2. Extended sentences are issued under section 210A of the Criminal Procedure (Scotland) Act 1995 (c46) consist of a custodial term and an extension period with the overall purpose of such a sentence to ensure a longer period of supervision in the community than otherwise would be the case.

3. Parole Board (Scotland) Rules 2001:

4. Management of Offenders (Scotland) Bill:

5. Victim Notification Scheme (VNS) -

6. Worboys case and the Parole Board – Lord Chancellors statement:

7. The Parole Board (Amendment) Rules 2018:

8. Rule 6(1)(i) – (v) contains the grounds in which information may be damaging.

9. National Outcomes and Standards for Social Work Services in the Criminal Justice Social Work System:

10. Problem Solving Approach review report:


12. Consultation - Scottish Government's Proposals for a New Tribunal System for Scotland -

13. Information courtesy of the Scottish Sentencing Council. Further information about sentencing is available at:


Email: Sandra Wallace

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