Supporting disabled children, young people and their families: consultation

Consultation on a public resource that will look to provide information across three pillars: rights and information, accessibility of support, and transitions.

4. Concluding statement

In 2016, the Scottish Government funded a survey of families with disabled children and young people across Scotland to gather evidence about their information needs. Families said they would favour a centralised resource which signposts to relevant information and organisations. In response to these wishes, we began to develop the preceding resource in collaboration with a wide range of partners.

When families were asked what information they would most like to access, recurring themes included: types of professional support for their child, the law and their child’s rights, transition, and leisure and social activities. This resource provides opportunities to signpost to existing sources of information about these topics and invites feedback on how these could be improved.

Families also reported a lack of sufficient information if their child has multiple conditions or complex needs or if they are looking support that is not condition-specific. Therefore, this resource does not set out to be an exhaustive list of condition-specific information, nor a directory of local services; there will be a focus on clarifying national policy and entitlements.

Families sought an improved understanding about the range of choices they felt they could make about support. Similarly, we know that access to clear and reliable information empowers families. Information needs to be shared consistently and in ways which are accessible for everyone. This resource aims to communicate information as inclusively as possible and makes particular note of how families can achieve more choice and control over the care and support that they need and are entitled to.

End of consultation document


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