Consultation on the socio-economic duty: analysis of responses

A summary of responses to the Consultation on the Socio-Economic Duty and the Scottish Government's response.


This report provides a summary of the responses to the Consultation on the Socio-Economic Duty [1] , and of what the Scottish Government plans to do as a result.

The consultation ran from 18 July to 12 September 2017. A total of 123 responses were received: 18 from individuals and 105 from organisations.

Table 1: Number of responses by category of respondent

Category Number of responses
Third sector 36
Local government 20
Professional bodies and trades unions 9
Transport bodies 6
Health and social care partnerships 6
Universities / academic units 5
Territorial health boards 5
Colleges 2
Special health boards 2
Community planning partnerships 2
Enterprise bodies 2
Alcohol and drug partnerships 2
Other public sector 7
Political party 1
Total organisations 105
Individuals 18
Grand total 123

Of the 123 respondents, 120 gave permission for their response to be published by the Scottish Government. These responses can be viewed at


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