The future of energy in Scotland: consultation analysis

An independent analysis of the responses to the consultation on a Scottish Energy Strategy: The Future of Energy in Scotland.

Glossary of Terms

BEIS: Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy

CARES: Community and Renewable Energy Scheme

CCS: Carbon Capture and Storage

CfD: Contracts for Difference

CHP: Combined Heat and Power

CPP: Community Planning Partnership

DNO: Distribution Network Operator

DSO: Distribution System Operator

EIS: Enterprise Investment Scheme

EPC: Energy Performance Certificate

ESCo: Energy Service Company

EV: Electric Vehicle

GCOEC: Government and Community-Owned Energy Company

GOEC: Government-owned energy company

HGV: Heavy Goods Vehicle

ISA: Individual Savings Account

LCITP: Low Carbon Infrastructure Transition Programme

LHEES: Local Heat and Energy Efficiency Strategies

LOIP: Local Outcomes Improvement Plan

MEC: Municipal Energy Company

NPF: National Planning Framework

PBCE: Project Bond Credit Enhancement

PPA: Power Purchase Agreement

REIF: Renewable Energy Investment Fund

RHI: Renewable Heat Incentive

RTFC: Renewable Transport Fuel Certificates

SEA: Strategic Environmental Assessment

SEAB: Scottish Energy Advisory Board

SEC: Scottish Energy Company

SEEP: Scotland's Energy Efficiency Programme

SEIS: Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme

SMART: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Timebound

Solar PV: Solar Photovoltaic

SPP: Scottish Planning Policy

SREB: Scottish Renewable Energy Bond

STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

TRIG: The Renewables Infrastructure Group

UKCCC: UK Committee on Climate Change

UOG: Unconventional Oil and Gas


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