A consultation on the provision of specialist residential chronic pain services in Scotland

This consultation will seek views on the possible options for the future provision of specialist residential pain management services in Scotland. The consultation will close on Sunday 27 October 2013.

Chapter 3: Consultation questions

Question 1: We would like to know in what context you are responding.

Question 2: Please choose your preferred option (Chapter 2 provides details).

Question 3: Are there any of the options you disagree with?

Question 4: If you have other ideas that have not been covered, please tell us about these in the comments box below. You may want to include the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Question 5: What do you think the barriers are to accessing a residential pain management service? (For example, distance away from family, work or family commitments, upfront travel costs.)

Question 6: Please choose from the list below which aspects of residential pain management services should be included in a Scottish service.

Question 7: Irrespective of the final service model selected, should access to the current service provided in Bath (or elsewhere in the UK) be retained for occasional use?

Question 8: Have you previously attended, or supported someone attending a residential service outside Scotland?

Question 9: If you have attended, or supported someone attending a residential service outside Scotland, please tell us about any advantages and disadvantages of the experience.

Question 10: If you, or someone close to you, has been offered but declined a residential service outside Scotland what were the reasons for this?

Question 11: If you wish to add any further comments on issues raised in the consultation paper or current chronic pain services in Scotland, please use the comments box below.


Email: Alan Burns

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