Consultation on the proposed introduction of new statutory scallop fishing management measures

Consultation seeking views on proposed regulations covering dredging for scallops in Scottish waters and the minimum landing size for scallops.

Annex B: List of Consultees

Aberdeen FPO

Clyde Fishermens Association
Clyde IFG
Community of Arran Seabed Trust
Crown Estate
Cumbria IFCA

Dumfries and Galloway Council

Fife Fishermen’s Association
Fishermens Association Ltd

Galloway Static Gear Fishermen’s Association

Isle of Man Government

Klondyke Fish Producers Organisation

Lunar Fish Producers Organisation

Mallaig and North West Fishermens Association
Manx Fish Producers’ Organisation
Marine Conservation Society
Marine Stewardship Council
Ministry of Defence
Moray Firth IFG

North West IFG
Northern Fish Producers Organisation
Northern Ireland Scallop Association
Northern Irish Fish Producers Organisation

Orkney Fish Producers Organisation
Outer Hebrides IFG

RSPB Scotland

Scallop Association
Scottish Fish Producers Organisation
Scottish Fishermen’s Federation
Scottish Natural Heritage
Scottish Sea Angling Conservation Network
Scottish White Fish Producers’ Association
Sea Angling Federation
Shetland Fish Producers Organisation
Small Isles and Mull IFG
South East IFG
South West Fish Producers Organisation


Welsh Government
West of Scotland Fish Producers Organisation
Western Isles Fishermen’s Association
WWF Scotland


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